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Association Officers
President Preside at all meeting of executive committee, represent the association on regional and national affairs, and is an ex-offocio member to all committees.
Vice-President (3) Serve with the president on local and national projects, attend Board of Governor committee meetings and championships.
Secretary Record minutes of monthly meetings and quarterly meetings, assist at championships, issue notices of meetings of the association.
Treasurer Oversee finances of the association, prepare yearly budget, assist in filing of taxes, prepare monthly financial statements.
Sport Committee Chairs
Track & Field Responsibilities:
  • Arrange for the conduct of championships and maintain historical records.
  • Compile and make available a schedule of events. Arrange for minimal conflicts of events.
  • Help promote events within the sport and attend championships.
  • Serve as the first mediator in disputes among athletes, coaches and event directors related to the sport.
  • Work to establish development programs and clinics which will increase participation and quality of the sport within the region.
  • Work with the USATF-NE office in securing sponsorship for and conducting of special, regional, and national events as appropriate.
  • Serve as the contact person and information source from within the association for national and special events.
  • Serve as member of USATF-NE Board of Governors
Men's Long Distance Running
Women's Long Distance Running
Master's Long Distance Running
Master's Track & Field
Cross Country
Youth Athletics
Mountain/Trail Running
Past President The immediate past president serves on the BOG.
Athlete Representatives (2) Active competitive athletes to serve as a liaison between athletes, events, and association. Attends championships in association.
Officials Certification Tests applicants for association level officials. Maintains list of USATF certified officials within association. Serves as the contact person and information source from within the association for national and special events.

USA Track & Field - New England
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