Executive Board Meeting
Monday, May 1st, 2000

Venue: USA Track & Field Office, 2001 Beacon Street, Suite 207, Boston, Massachusetts 02135
Attendees: Steve Vaitones, Managing Director; Dan Hart, President; Courtney Bird, Kathy Nary, and Marja Bakker, Vice Presidents; James O’Brien, Treasurer; Betsy Harshbarger, Secretary; Justin Kuo, RaceWalking; Ed Daniels & Phil Byrne, Masters Track & Field; Ken Robichaud, Men’s LDR Dave Dunham, Mountain & Trail Running; Michael Collins and Kajsa Newlin, Officer Managers.
Opening Remarks: President, Dan Hart, opened the meeting at 7:15 PM noting that he had received written reports from several absentee Sports Chairs, and would make them available.
Office Report: Steve Vaitones reported the following:

The Exchange Zone is in the mail and that an improved version of the Membership cards is now being received.

Andy Martin from the NJ Association is now the Associations’ contact in the National Office.

He has been working with the Treasurer on preparing the balance sheet to 4/28. Spent a lot of time at his Referee duties for the Boston Marathon. Attended two throwing clinics with Tom Petranoff (Londonderry and Holy Cross); they were well attended and will be expanded in 2001. Future clinics are currently on hold until the Olympic Trials are over. The Association received $300 from the clinics.

Worcester State College is not prepared to host the Outdoor JO. Meet. It will take place at Rhode Island College, in Providence. Steve will work with Worcester State on future planning needs.

Kajsa has had trouble tracking certificates of insurance, in order to know if they have been received by the applying event. The paper trail from sanction application to Association Office; certificate of insurance to National Office to Insurance Company directly to event, makes it difficult to track down the certificate.

Mike reported that memberships are slightly behind 1999, but anticipates an increase from the Newsletter membership form and youth enrollment, adding that there is no list of members from the Scholastic Meet. He noted that the office receives 6-10 on line registrations a week.

Treasurer’s Report: James O’Brien presented a six-page report including Profit & Loss Annual Comparison, Profit & Loss Statement, and supporting Balance Sheet. He has consolidated the savings and will buy a 6 months CD @ 6%, laying the ground work for a full review of 1996, less intense review of 1997-1998, and a full audit of 2000. Goal is to contract with Campbell DeVasto Associates for an annual audit. 1999 taxes are due May 15th (Form 990).
Mountain & Trail Running: Dave submitted a written report and a proposal to host the 2001 USATF NE Mountain Championships at the “Windblown Mountain race”. The proposal was approved unanimously. (Report and proposal attached.)
Men’s LDR: Ken submitted a brief written report (enclosed). In addition, he will be continuing to work with the upcoming Grand Prix races, the next being the Bedford NH Rotary Memorial 12K, scheduled for Saturday, May 22nd ,and requested volunteers for race day.

Courtney Bird, Race Director of the Cape Cod Marathon, reported that he will be able to increase the team prize money and that his overall entries to date are up over 1999. He has sent a mailing to last year’s participants regarding a possible early close out deadline.

Master’s LDR: Dan reported that Rob O’Hara forwarded a written report, including 5-year age-group breakdown. He noted that further explanation of “back numbers” is required.

President Dan Hart announced that Andy Martin and Ed Parrott have proposed hosting Regional Events for Association Team competitions. New Jersey is hosting the East Regional Half Marathon Championship and is asking that Associations fund teams to compete in the event and support the event. General discussion followed regarding funding NE athletes travel, housing, and meet expenses. Steve noted that it is important to first establish a relationship with the event director, in order to work together before making any decisions to pay athletes’ expenses. Further research required.

Track & Field: In Rich’s absence, Dan reported that the Twilight Series will begin the end of May, the Association Championship Meet June 17th, followed by the Can Am Meets. Due to bad weather, the April clinics were cancelled.

The Association East Regional Championship Meet is scheduled for July 9th at Connecticut College, and each Association is being asked to fund the event with a donation of $500. Discussion ensued regarding where the money was going, whether or not to fund another Association’s event, and basic lack of a complete proposal with budget.

Kathy Nary asked about our involvement in the upcoming Twilight Meets. What role, if any, the Association has in these meets and how does our participation benefit the Association. It was resolved to have a meeting with Rich to discuss all matters; Board Members attending are Steve Vaitones, Kathy Nary, Mike Powers, and Rich Hart.

It was reported that Anne Jennings has offered to help organize the Championship Meet events. The Meet application is completed; an officials letter is being mailed; and a request for Club participation is also being assembled. USATF-NE Minutes/3 May 1st, 2000

Steve reported that Ron Boemker has the Junior Olympic Meet basically covered. The Meet is scheduled for June 17 (same as our Championship Meet) at Rhode Island College.

Masters Track & Field: Mike Collins sent a note to the Radisson Hotel thanking them for their cooperation with the Masters Meet and proposing a similar two-year agreement. He did not receive what he considers a good offer and will continue his efforts.

Ed Daniels arrived with jackets for the Board members, which were immediately dispersed. He reported that the East Regional Masters Meet, scheduled for July 15th, in Springfield is coming together well, and numbers are up over last year. Marja informed the members that a Meet Ad is in National Masters News and also in New England Runner.

Phil Byrnes reported that he has sent the list of New England participants at the Masters Indoor Championship Meet to the Director of the Senior Games.

Cross Country: Dan met with Boston Parks & Recreation to review the fall schedule. He is waiting for information from the National Office regarding sponsorship restrictions and rules regarding the Masters National Championship next fall. He also requested key volunteers for the National Meet and will distribute a Meet manual as soon as possible.
RaceWalking: Justin Kuo reported that there was a racewalking event in RI this past weekend and on June 4th a Grand Prix event will also take place in Westerly, RI.
Point of Information: Marja informed the Board that Joyce Minkoff, Marketing Director for New Balance, has donated shirts and hats for Can Am Meet officials and volunteers.
Future Business: Updating Grand Prix Race Bid Forms
USATF-NE Annual Meeting
June, 2000, Quarterly Meeting — Kajsa offered to research options.
Creating a Generic Volunteer Application
Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

Respectively submitted,

Betsy Harshbarger, Secretary
Betsy Harshbarger, Secretary

USA Track & Field New England

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