USATF New England Annual Meeting
Gosman Center, Brandies University, Waltham MA
September 20, 2004

The Meeting was called to order at 7:11PM by President Gary Snyder.

The by-laws call for 25 members to have a quorum. With approximately 35 members present at the opening of the meeting, there was a quorum. More members entered as the meeting progressed.

Gary gave a quick overview of USATF as a national organization, and our importance to the overall organization. He continued with examples of some of our activities and our ability to bid, win, and run large events, including the Indoor National Championships at Reggie Lewis Community Center. One reason is the fact that we have an office with full time employees and there are probably only 6 or so organizations in the nation with full time employees.

Gary also thanked the current board members for their year's work and pointed out the fact that most board members drive over 30 to 40 miles to attend the board meetings monthly.

Managing Director Steve Vaitones then addressed the meeting. Some items:

  1. New England has more events than any other association on the east coast
  2. Our LDR program is our strength
  3. The association held Masters meets on both National and Regional levels
  4. The office receives numerous calls from other organizations asking questions on how to's

Jim O'Brien - The treasurer's report was prefaced by Gary noting that the association would not be hosting the master's national meet (a major revenue source) and its impact to the organization for 2005. Jim distributed printed summary reports to all present.

Harry Brooks brought up raising the amount paid to delegates to the national convention. Dick Howland brought up the amount spent on postage and the use of the internet to reduce cost.

Peter Stasz asked about the loan listed for Junior Olympics Cross Country for 2005. The process of the loan by USATF NE to the Organizing Committee for the rights fee and security deposit for the National Cross Country Junior Olympic Championships in Rhode Island in December of 2005 was presented by Ron Boemker. Peter also asked about the current investments and the interest rate we are making. Gary also brought up the Brookline bank currently is not charging us service fees for our checking and when taking that into account along with interest rates.

Printed reports from the officers and sports chairs were at the check in desk for all members.

Masters National Meet 2006 - Harry Brooks gave a quick report, and is working on getting Bill Cosby to become involved next year.

LDR - Ken Robichaud gave a quick summary for the group. Next year will be the 20th year of the LDR Grand Prix.

Elections - Officers
Gary gave an overview of the election process and positions open.
Kathy Nary, Mike Collins and Josh Seeherman were asked to count ballots

For President
Gary Snyder- incumbent. Moved and seconded; no further nominations.
Moved, seconded that secretary vote for the membership to re-elect Gary Snyder. So done.

For Vice President - up to 3 may be elected
Incumbent Tom Petranoff chose not to run.
Incumbents Harry Brooks and John Oleski chose to run
Ken Robichaud and Phil Byrne moved, seconded to be nominated
Voters were to write 3 names on ballots with the three members collecting votes to be elected to the office.
All candidates were given the opportunity to speak. Phil Byrne is out of town but did leave word that he would accept the nomination and serve if elected.
The elections continued as the ballots for Vice President were being counted.

For Secretary
Lance Turley - incumbent. Moved, seconded and elected.

Jim O'Brien - incumbent - chose not to run
Dave Cahill nominated, seconded, and elected

Results of the Vice President election produced the following elected officers:
Gary Snyder - President
Ken Robichaud, John Oleski, Harry Brooks - Vice President
Lance Turley - Secretary
Dave Cahill - Treasurer

Elections - Sports Chairs.
All three LDR chairs chose not to run for reelection
Men's LDR: James Garcia nominated, seconded, and elected
Women's LDR: Patrick Sweeney nominated, seconded, and elected
Masters LDR: Courtney Bird nominated, seconded, and elected

Open Track and Field Chair
John Mortimer, incumbent, chose not to run
David Cahill nominated, seconded, and elected

Master Track and Field Chair
Phil Byrne, incumbent co-chair, chose not to run
Less Hess incumbent nominated, seconded, and elected.

Cross Country: Dan Hart incumbent nominated, seconded, and elected
Mountain Running: Rich Bolt incumbent nominated, seconded, and elected

Race Walking: Justin Kuo incumbent nominated, seconded, and elected

Youth Chair: Lance Turley incumbent nominated, seconded, and elected

Election - Athlete Representatives
Incumbents Dave Cahill and Jim Garcia chose not to run
John Mortimer, Christine Kloiber, and Dave Callum were nominated and seconded
Nominations were closed and the three individuals were elected

Voting for delegates for the USATF Annual Meeting.
At this point, it was moved to take agenda item number 9 (new business) to facilitate the possible questions that might affect the delegate selection process.
It was moved and seconded that the reimbursement stipend be increased to $500 for each delegate to the Annual Meeting. Pete Stasz spoke in favor of upping the stipend, citing the costs incurred and that interested individuals may be unable to otherwise attend. Gary Snyder also spoke regarding the stipend, leaning to a lesser amount. Harry Brooks spoke in favor of the increase. Ron Boemker spoke, suggesting an option that would reimburse the registration fee automatically with other expenses being done on an individual need basis. John Mortimer spoke regarding the laxness of mandatory attendance at the Meeting sessions. Numerous items discussed from that point on.
Vote to raise the reimbursement stipend to $500.00 per delegate carried, 22 to 10.

The names of people wanting to be an "Official Delegate for the New England Association'' for the Annual Meeting were placed on a board for viewing. The association is eligible for 15 delegates based on its athlete membership.13 delegates would be elected due to the Executive Board having previously approved the two full time employees in the Association office to automatically be designated delegates. Twenty one names were put up for consideration as delegates.
Elected Delegates for the Convention
Ken Robichaud Justin Kuo
Lance Turley Gary Snyder
Jim Garcia Harry Brooks
Dave Cahill Kathy Nary
John Oleski John Mortimer
Marja Bakker Laurie Boemker
There was a three way tie for the final position among Ron Boemker, David Callum, and Dick Howland. Another vote was taken to break the tie with Ron Boemker elected as the delegate.

Nominated but not among the 13 were Mary Harada, Lee Hess, Dave Kerin, and Pat Lavelle.

LDR - Voting on items for 2005 series.
This upcoming year will be the 20th year of Grand Prix, with the series selection meeting scheduled for November 8 at a site to be determined.

Discussion regarding Proposal 1 - All USATFNE Grand Prix meets must be within the geographic confines of our Association, the states of NH, VT, MA, and RI. There have been events from outside the association that bid, and there is nothing prohibiting this. The primary reason is that we cannot sanction events not within our states, and we can't run programs in another association without their approval.
Voted on by the membership and carried with no objecting votes.

Discussion regarding Proposal 2 - That athletes must have a 21 day unattached period when changing clubs for purposes of scoring in the grand prix, even if there was a signed 'waiver' between the two clubs. There was much discussion with some general examples of past problems. Vote, change did not pass.

Other new business: Peter Stasz gave a brief discussion on legal liabilities of event directors, and gave two examples of lawsuits that have come from items that you would not expect. They included a current case in western Mass. where a race director that physically removed a youth that was disrupting a race from the course and has been charged with assault and battery, and another where a director pulled a fallen athlete from the chutes at the end of the race and was sued for assault. Pete described terminology as well as ways to limit liability. Some additional discussion was held which including questions on liability of coaches for club practices.

There being no further new business, the meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM

Lance Turley, Secretary.

Marja Bakker (Boston A.A.), Courtney Bird (Falmouth TC), Carolyn Bird (FTC), Laurie Boemker (RI T&F Officials), Ron Boemker (Thunderbolt TC), Christy Bonstelle (Gr.Boston TC), H.Oldham Brooks (Sugarloaf Mt. AC), Doug Burdi (Gr.Boston TC), Steve Burton (Somerville RR), (David Cahill (Gr.Boston TC), (David Callum (Gr.Boston TC), Michael Collins (Unattached), Bruce Davie (Gr.Boston TC), Tom Derderian (Gr.Boston TC), Jim Garcia (Una), Nancy Given (Somerville RR), Mary Harada (Liberty AC), Lee Hess (Merrimack Valley Striders), Richard Howland (Western Mass T&F Officials Assoc), Kathy Hynes (Somerville RR), Edward Kennedy (Merrimack Valley Str), Christine Kloiber (Gr.Boston TC), Justin Kuo (New England Walkers), Pat Lavelle (Western Mass T&F Officials), Gary McNamee (Hurtin' For Certain Striders), John Mortimer (B.A.A.), Bob Muldoon (HFC Striders), Toney Mulhollan (Gr. Boston TC), Kathy Nary (Reebok Boston), Mike Nary (Una), John Oleski (Gr.Boston TC), Jim O'Brien (Gr.Boston TC), Tom Petranoff (Throwing Zone), Ken Robichaud (North Medford Club), Paul Ryan (Reebok Boston), Josh Seeherman (Gr.Boston TC), Marvin Sezak (Una), Gary Snyder (Gr.Boston TC), Peter Stasz (Gr. Springfield Harriers), Patrick Sweeney (HFC Striders), Joe Tranchita (Waltham TC), Lance Turley (Nashua Area WWTC), Steve Vaitones (Managing Director), Bryan Van Dorpe (HFC Striders), Stephen Viegas (Mystic Runners)

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