USA Track & Field New England

Board of Governors

Meeting held at Association Office

February 7, 2011

Present:  Steve Viegas, Jim Garcia, John Oleski, Justin Kuo, Steve Vaitones, Caitlyn Clark, Lisa Doucett, Mike Travers, Courtney Bird, Skip Cleaver, Dave Callum, Stephen Peckiconis

On the Phone:  Gary Snyder, Joan Bohlke, Bill Newsham, Jim Wilcox and Larry Libow

Meeting opened at 7:20 PM.  Steve made some opening remarks regarding the agenda and acknowledged that a quorum was present.

Minutes:        The minutes of the December 13, 2010 Association BOG meeting were approved by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Stephen reported that the reports for December were posted on Google Docs. The January financials were not updated as yet.

He asked if everyone had completed the Disclosure Forms and a few had not it was decided to take the issue off line.

A discussion followed after Stephen sought approval for selecting a CPA. The Association paid $7k in 2010 for accounting support and the completion and filing of required documents. Jim Garcia and several other board members thought the charges were high and we should get another opinion. Other members thought the charges were very fair. Stephen will relay the Boards concern to the current CPA to get a lower charge.

Managing Director’s Report: Steve reported as of January the following:

82 Clubs Slightly more than 2009

76 Sanctions About the same as 2009

2400 Members Larger than 2009

He attended a number of meetings including:

RI with Mike Travers to meet with Rob Palazzo to discuss future meets at Providence Career and Technical High School. They are interested in future meets. A very good facility in Both Steve’s and Mike’s opinion.

Met with Bob Murdock (Sports and Recreation) in Worcester to discuss future events.

Met with Charley Breagy to discuss the continued support of New England runners traveling to Ireland for races he organizes there.

Steve said the next Exchange Zone issue will go to print on May 15th and he needs copy by May 1st.

He attended the New Balance meet at Reggie Lewis on February 5th and coordinated the Masters Mile and Youth Relay events.

There is some discussion about having trackside luncheons and press conferences with Jack Flemming to get announcements out about events.

The Association Indoor T&F Championship are on February 20th and plan are on schedule with some need for Officials.

Next youth meet is at Reggie Lewis on February 23rd.

There is discussion about an invitational scholastic weight throw event.

Joe Abelon is working on a cross-country meet.

Larry Libow asked Steve Vaitones who decided that content for the Exchange Zone he wrote did not get included in the recent issue? Larry also had an additional concern about the description of a recent clinic as being incorrect. Steve is the only person proofreading the Exchange Zone before printing. It was pointed out that he has not asked anyone else to help proofread. Steve Viegas suggested more people proofread. The incorrect characterization of the youth meet described in the recent issue will be corrected in the next issue.

 Steve Viegas asked Libow, Callum and the LDR Committee if a Budget Request form was submitted? Libow said he needed more input form other youth leaders before submitting. Viegas gave Larry some suggestions. Larry was reminded of the availability of the Marja Bakker fund for youth.

LDR Lisa explained that the LDR committee met prior to the BOG meeting to gain agreement on the depth of the various GP age category awards. Also discussed travel awards for first place finishers of Association Championships to compete at National Championships for same distance.

Possibility of awarding Gift Certificates to division winners as recognition.

Dialogue will begin for 2012 GP series soon.

Request to conduct an LDR official’s certification clinic to increase the number of and quality of officials.

Selected November 18th as the date to consider a GP recognition event.

Grievance Panels Steve Vaitones explained the Association needs a resource of about 20 people from which a panel could be assembled.  A letter of invitation will be sent to prospective panelists soon. There will have to be an annual confirmation of participants.

Masters T&F Mike Travers said the Eastern Region meet in RI on January 30th was a success with approximately 170 entrants. Expenses were about $7200 and the meet netted $2500.

We will send a $200 gift to the facility organization to improve their timing equipment.

Misc News

USATF-NE Facebook page and Group will be consolidated. Stephen and Justin are doing the work.

John Oleski is circulating names for AOM nominations.

Defibrillator Training If interested signs up locally through the Red Cross and submit the invoice to the office for reimbursement.

The Grant received last year needs to have a report filed this year.

Joan Bohlke is making plans for several social events, the first of which will be held after the Open Meet at Harvard on Feb 20th. Appetizers and cash bar at the Boyne Pub in Brighton. A flyer will be distributed through email and on Facebook.

Board Apparel – Steve Vaitones said shirts are being ordered.

Annual Meeting Election

We need to make changes to the bylaws regarding the election of president and secretary. The president of GBTC sent the letter to the office alleging that we did not follow the bylaws in the recent annual meeting. Steve agreed with this analysis. The bylaw suggests that the election for president should have been suspended when the tie vote occurred and a new election date noticed to members.

Association Outdoor T&F Championships

The meet needs to be hyped to increase attendance. Steve Vaitones will inquire about a three-year commitment from Regis to allow us to develop a three-year improvement plan. Bill Clark has some ideas. NBB Twilight meet scheduled their last meet the night before.

Discussion regarding the use of online signup option as being beneficial for events.

Jim Wilcox reported seven NE Officials would be at the Masters meet in Albuquerque.

Larry Libow asked the BOG to consider paying for 10 deserving youth to enter meets.

Moved and approved for payment.

MTA at 9:30

Respectfully submitted

Gary Snyder and Lisa Doucett