USA Track & Field New England

Board of Governors Meeting

March 7, 2011

Attendance:  Steve Viegas, Jim Garcia, Joan Bohlke, Steven Peckiconis, Lisa Doucette, Skip Cleaver, Mike Travers, Tiera Fletcher, Dave Callum, Jim Wilcox, Justin Kuo, Steve Vaitones, Jen Lee, Courtney Bird

Guests: Brad Kozel (GBTC), Laura Hayden (GBTC), Tom Dederian (GBTC), Jeff Caron (NBB)

Treasurer’s Report

Managing Directors Report


- Membership renewal reminders not sent out yet

- USATFNE Indoor Champ Meet had 700+ entries bit more than in the past

  Suggestions for next year:         No day off

Online entry system

- Youth meet at Reggie Lewis:  130 participants, 5 officials

- June: 1st middle school outdoor track meet will include Turbojav and race-walk clinics

- Steve will be attending Race Director’s roundtable meeting in Maine- March 10, 2011

- Indoor Track 2013: Potential partnership with Harvard to hold events and clinics

- Level I coaching school, July 23-25, Newbury Governors Academy

- Middle School Cross Country: Fort Devens is now available to host meets

- May 14-15: World Athletics Day – IAAF is sponsoring grant programs for World Athletics Day, Steve has written a proposal to fund team based clinics (pentathlon)  for middle school / high school youth (ages 11-16) working in partnership with Waltham and Springfield; for compliance a form must be completed after the event is held.

Old Business

Budget – Needs to be approved

By-Laws- Noted that the rules on voting for officers needs to be revised, and job descriptions for BOD members need to be created.

Athlete of the Month- Skip to create a template for AOM announcements

New Business

Masters Indoor Nationals 2014 Proposal (Mike Travers)

Association Masters Outdoor Regional Championships

USATF-NE Outdoor Track Championships

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Snyder