USA Track & Field New England

Board of Governors Meeting

April 4, 2011

Attendance:  Steve Viegas, Jim Garcia, Joan Bohlke, Steven Peckiconis, Lisa Doucette, Tiera Fletcher, Justin Kuo, Steve Vaitones, Jen Lee, Courtney Bird, Larry Libow, John Oleski and Bill Newsham

Phone: Gary Snyder, Paul Kirsch and Caitlyn Clark

Meeting Called to order at 7:10 PM


February 7, 2011 BOG minutes approved by unanimous vote

Treasurers Report

March YTD P&L is accurate and shows a margin of $22k vs. $16k last year. The interest total will decline soon as a CD will expire.

The NE Masters and NE Open contributed about $11k combined margin.

Managing Directors Report

120 clubs

190 sanctions        

2950 members  

No more indoor meets scheduled after NE Open

Justin and Steve are the meet directors for?

Attended Mc Gillery Dinner on March 12th which was a social affair

Went with Tom Petrunoff  on two visits:

        Boston Middle School ?? to discuss plan for Turbojav program


White Stadium to discuss a throws clinic for coaches on the last Wednesday in April.

Attended New Bedford half marathon, which was the largest ever. The changes made to the starting area went well and no complaints were heard.

Attended a meeting at Harvard with the athletic department to discuss the possibility of new meets. Would be interested in hosting a USATF open multi event championship.

Plan to officiate some Boston City youth meets.

Exciting plans to convert vacant movie theatre across the street to a hotel.

Plans continue for Boston Marathon Expo booth.

Track & Field Issues

Awaiting confirmation from Regis for the use of the track for NE Open.

Awaiting confirmation from MIT for Wednesday night all-comers meets.

Youth meet at Fitchburg all set

Masters meet planned for August 6th.

Budget Discussion

Stephen Peckiconis explained the proposed 2011 budget and that the T&F and Youth Chairs budgets were missing. Steve Vaitones said he had a budget from Dave Callum.

Steve Viegas voiced his concern that the budget approval was late and reminded the Sports Chairs that they were responsible for submitting a timely budget request.

Motion made and approved unanimously to accept the T&F budget for $1600 as Dave Callum was not present.

Motion made and approved budget approved unanimously to accept 2011 Budget.


Stephen Peckiconis closed the existing group page of approximately 150 members.

Justin and Stephen emailed the 150 that a new Facebook page is available.


John Oleski said Ben True is the March AOM

The new Quick Release will be used this month.

New England T&F Outdoor Championships

Steve Vaitones said that the date is June 12th

Discussion with Twi-light meets for more cooperation.

Annual Award Dinner

Joan Bohlke is gathering info regarding location and is planning for 100 members.

Track & Field Meeting

Plans under way for a meeting.

Marathon Expo Booth

Steve Vaitones explained we need members to staff the USATF_NE booth at the marathon expo.

New Business

Posting LDR Results

Steve Peckiconis working on the issue and said that official results will be on our site not Cool Running.

Office Lease

Motion to accept new lease for three years was approved unanimously.

Athlete Grant Request

Jim Garcia explained a grant request from Sue McCarthy for $600 to defray cost to compete at World Masters Athletics meet in Sacramento CA.

Motion to approve contingent on deliver of travel receipts, news article and participation in clinic if there is a clinic. Motion carried with Gary Snyder and xxx abstaining and Jim Garcia opposed.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Snyder