USA Track & Field New England

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

August 8, 2011

Attendance:  Steve Viegas, Jim Garcia, Stephen Peckiconis, Lisa Doucett, Tiera Fletcher, Justin Kuo, Steve Vaitones, Jen Lee, Gary Snyder, Mike Travers, Larry Libow, Jeff Caron (guest), Dave Callum

Telephone: Caitlyn Clark, Tom Derderian (guest)

Meeting called to order at 7:25 PM

Minutes out of order due to some members need to leave meeting.

Steve Viegas reported on the New England Masters Meet at Conley Stadium in Providence RI. Meet went well with plenty of volunteers and about 120 entered. Will continue the meet in 2012.

Secretary’s Report

March 7th and April 4th minutes approved by majority vote.

Dave Callum explained the discussions with New Balance Boston to sync schedules next year to avoid conflicts.

He also explained difficulty scheduling a T&F meeting.

Jim Garcia discussed the proposed changes to the New England by-laws. He explained the need for change due to incorrect election process.

Motion to approve by Mike Travers, Second by Lisa Doucett.

Motion carried unanimously.

Stephen Peckiconis reviewed the letter of commitment from Paul Devasto, CPA.

Motion to accept proposal by Stephen Peckiconis, Second by Jeff Caron.

Motion carried unanimously

Larry Libow reported on the scheduled Mayor’s Cup youth meet in Springfield. The meet was cancelled due to lightning. He thanked the board for it’s support and explained the meet will continue in 2012.

Jim Garcia gave an update on the Awards Banquet. He explained the budget for the Association at between $4-5k. He distributed a flyer and award booklet and explained the awards.

Motion to authorize the Awards Committee to proceed for an amount not to exceed $5k.

Motion by Jim Garcia, Second by Mike Travers. Carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Stephen Peckiconis reviewed a YTD P&L and Balance Sheet and responded to several board questions.

Managing Directors Report


Motion to adjourn at 9:17 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Snyder



Jeff isn't a board member, can he Second a proposal?