USA Track & Field New England

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

October 3, 2011

Attendance:  Steve Viegas, Jim Garcia, Lisa Doucett, Justin Kuo, Steve Vaitones, Gary Snyder, Mike Travers, John Oleski, Jason Zagami, Dan Hocking, Mike Toomey

Telephone: Skip Cleaver, Joan Bohlke, and Larry Libow

Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM

Secretary’s Report

August 8th and 2011 Annual Meeting minutes approved by majority vote.

Treasurer’s Report

No report report as the Treasurer was not at the meeting and detailed reports were distributed at the September 15 Annual Meeting, only 18 days ago

Managing Director’s Report

Steve Vaitones reported:

        Grand Prix forms have been updated for 2011

        Codfish bowl entries exceeded 500

        Entries being accepted for Mayors Cup

        Sanctions at 530

        Membership at 4375

        Clubs at 153

        Attended the USATF Association conference call which discussed:

Bar code system will be used at annual meeting[a] to track attendance.

New bulk email process launched[b].

Manual for Associations management is being produced.

Metro Association has been certified and a new NY Association has assumed the role in that geographic area.

New Business

Board members introduced themselves

Motion to appoint Rose Green as athletes’ representative to fill vacant position.

Carried unanimously.

Request from Steve Viegas to complete disclosure forms for 2012.

Request from Steve Vaitones to complete background check application for 2012 in January.

Steve Vaitones asked for BOG volunteers for cross-country events including Mayor’s Cup, open and JO meets.

Steve Vaitones explained that a Communications Coordinator would be needed for the new email blast process.

Jason Zagami explained a proposal for using social media and after some discussion agreed to email it to the BOG members.

There was a brief discussion regarding Annual Meeting reimbursement, which is limited to $800. Steve Viegas will notify the attendees of the category limits within the $800. Due to a cancellation Kathy Nary was added.

Larry Libow asked for a contribution for a Pacific Coast trail runner and it was suggested to use the Grant process for such requests.

Larry Libow asked for $75 to produce cards for the campaign to elect Howard Drew to the USATF HOF.

Motion to allocate $75 for Drew campaign cards.

Carried unanimously.

Old Business

Lisa Doucett provided an update on the LDR GP selection process. She explained that recruitment was underway. She asked the BOG to review their own committee schedules of events and email her to avoid conflicts with other committee events. Also new bidders are wanted.

Steve Vaitones explained that the bid for the 2012 Junior Olympic Indoor Championship was pulled because the national Youth Committee could not give a commitment by October 1 after numerous other delays.

The BOG would like a report from Sue McCarthy before a reimbursement for her requested grant to attend World Masters Championships was sent.

Motion to Adjourn at 9:15 PM - Respectively Submitted, Gary Snyder


Bar code system was NOT used in St Louis


But not for New England