USA Track & Field New England

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

August 8, 2012

Attendance:  Steve Viegas, Lisa Doucett, Justin Kuo, Steve Vaitones, Mike Travers, Bob Cedrone, Stephen Peckiconis, Jim Garcia, Joan Bohlke, Gary Snyder and John Oleski

Telephone:   Skip Cleaver, Paul Kirsch and Laurie Boemker

Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM

Secretary’s Report

May 7th, 2012 BOG Meeting minutes Motion to accept  - Passed

June 4th, 2012 BOG Meeting minutes Motion to accept - Passed


Treasurer’s Report

Stephen reported that the financial reports are posted on Google Docs. Stephen explained the various July YTD reports.

Stephen reported that as of the July report the entry fees were current. We are tracking close to last year’s results but revenue from the Mayor’s Cup will be missing this year due to no meet this year.

Managing Director’s Report

Steve reported on two months of events.

He helped at the Mass Middle School track and field meet at U.Mass.Lowell .

The 10k Championship held at the Newton 10K had good numbers, but some results problems

The New England Open T&F championships had an increased number of entries.

Bay State Games numbers were about the same as last year.

The JO Track & Field meet was the largest ever with over 600 entries.

We will donate funds to Fitchburg State to help with its throws facilities

The MIT Pole Vault Club held an open meet at MIT on 7/1.

Attended the 3-day JO Region I meet at Mitchell Field in LI NY.

97 in attendance at the Level I Coaching School on 7/20 at Regis College.

The numbers were up at the 5 Mile Championship held at the Carver Cranberry 5 Mile.

New Business

1. Joan reported on the New England Distance Project and there was a discussion about the various levels of support.

Motion to donate $500 by Justin.

Passed unanimously

2. The Exchange Zone will go to press next week and need material by then.

3. Jim Garcia reported he received several Grant requests.

A.  Oceans Eversley for $900 for participating in the USATF Masters Outdoor Championships in Lisle IL.

B. Mike Arnold $125 for coaches education.

C. Eric Blake $400 to attend MTR World Championships.

Motion to grant Eversley $100


8 yes

1 no

3 abstention

Motion to grant Blake $200 passed unanimously

Motion to grant Arnold $125 passed unanimously

Old Business

1. Gary reported on the results of the search for a location for the Association Meeting and that rates have increased to about $900 for most locations. General support to go back for a second try to get a better deal.

2. Steve Viegas reported that the Past President should not be included in the quorum calculation for our BOG meetings.

3. Steve reported that Leigh Petranoff agreed to run for the Youth Chair position for 2013 with  Steve assisting her as quasi-co-chair. 

4. Also no success to find a Mens LDR candidate.

5. In addition no T&F candidate.

6. Discussion about the USATF Annual Meeting in Daytona Beach FL. Association support will again be in the $800 range.

7. Steve Vaitones gave a Franklin Park update and there will not be a Cod Fish Bowl this fall. Mayors Cup may be held but limited to youth only.

8. Jim reported the Awards Dinner will be on January 12th and the same location as last year, Montvale Plaza.

9. Steve Viegas reported on the Association Workshop held to be in Pittsburgh on August 17-19.

MTA at 9:07

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Snyder