USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

October 1, 2012



Tom Derderian

Gary Circosta

Jim Garcia

Jason Cakouros

Stephen Peckiconis

Joe Navas

Yvonne Green

Will Feldman

Eric Narcisi

Victoria Barnaby

John Oleski

Steve Vaitones

Justin Kuo

Mike Travers


On the phone:

Steve Viegas

Laurie Boemker

Jim Burgoyne

Jason Ayr

Leigh Petranoff

Paul Kirsch


Guests: Dave Conforto (HFC)


Meeting called to order at 7:15


Tom Derderian spoke about why he chose to become part of the Board. It wasn’t about being critical of past decisions, etc., but he felt that in general people lost focus of the competitive factor in races.


Tom presented his idea of a new model, refers to by-laws (Article 11, section II – committee make up, for example). Tom wants the committees to handle more responsibility, help alleviate the load currently on Steve Vaitones’ plate. He also mentioned making more use of social media, blogs, etc.


Secretary’s report

It was agreed that hard copies weren’t necessary at the time. Eric read minutes from annual meeting, after which they were approved.


Treasurer’s report

Stephen Peckiconis will make report available.


Manager’s report

Passed out to everyone in attendance


Steve Vaitones talked about sanctions, about how they provide insurance to events, etc. We have not made attempts to go out and sell this feature, if they did the sanctions would be much higher (most likely). Don’t need to do it at the moment, as some event timing companies are recommending their clients do it. Steve thinks we’ll be at 600 by end of the year. Members and approved sanctions are higher compared to a year ago (although the number of clubs is down).


He explained how there was only a small (minimal) chance of losing some of that sanctions business to the Road Runners Club of America. RRCA doesn’t really even have a foothold in it compared to the USATF.


Steve discussed the need for help at upcoming cross country races, and he will contact with needs for specific people at races.


Steve handed out an article about the Pacific association, went into detail about how the committees handle the events, do most of the work.


Sports Chairs

Tom wants to establish committees, get more committees, and by next meeting have budgets prepared. Committee leaders should be prepared to give a pitch to sell it.


XC Chair (Jason Cakouros) - Participation down, last chair didn’t get the word out. Three more events remaining. Jason formed a committee, eight members on it. It’s all HFC and GBTC so far. Jason presented the flyer that was put on windshields at the Kerouac race. Noted that plenty of prize money out there. Displays a prototype flyer for the XC champs. Using social media to get the word out. Looking to bid for the Nat’l Champ XC race, bring it back to Boston for 2015. This year in Lexington, KY, then Bend, OR, followed by Lehigh Valley, PA…this is for club nationals. Steve Vaitones mentions that you need $25k in prize money and a firm facility in mind to bid. Deadline may be approaching, may have passed. Mike Scott is the chairman to contact.


Road racing (Lisa Doucett) - In Lisa’s absence, Jim Garcia catches us up to speed on the Grand Prix bid issue. Problem: haven’t had enough meetings, haven’t had enough outreach. Trying to get 15 races on the slate at the moment. Amherst, NB, Cohasset 10k, Stowe, 5 mi (Carver only one), Newton 10k, NOTE: contact LONE GULL. Marathon: Cape Cod again, possibly get COX Providence road races to bid. Jim suggested we get in touch with committee members with ideas.


Will Feldman asks about starting the process for 2014.

Tom suggests we consider the model being used for GP races going forward.


T&F chair (Yvonne Green) – Yvonne put out the open call for committee members. She will set up subcommittees. Marketing/Social Media – tap into the post-collegiate market. Steve Vaitones recommends that field event people be added to the committee. She recommends the open call doc strategy that she used be applied to other committees.


Youth (Leigh Petranoff) – Leigh want to get kids involved, have showcase meets, programs through the community, work with disabled kids. Steve Viegas offered to help Leigh. Tom mentioned the Marja Bakker fund. There’s about $26.7K in it, no restrictions other than use it for youth.


Masters (Mike Travers) – Mike spoke of his personal experience and past success as committee chair. He has 8-10 committee members and is looking for new people.


Race walking (Justin Kuo) – Justin explained how New England Walkers (NEW) has the largest group, and CSU has some too. The 1 Hour national champs coming up soon, and they’ve held it for the last 18 yrs. Small amount of prize money (hundreds, not thousands). About 50 participants for the nationals, also a youth race included. Will be hosting the annual US/Canada dual meet (summer of 2013). Tom poses the question of growth: Kuo mentions getting the youth on board is difficult.


Awards Banquet: Tom introduced Victoria Barnaby, she’ll help out in the planning of the awards banquet. Victoria spoke about her experience and skills, been working in sports marketing at Puma, on the board for GBTC. Using a digital presence, doing what she already does essentially.


Jim Garcia spoke about difficulty finding a good venue. January in 12th…deposit paid? Stephen Peckiconis to verify check was issued [note: he verified it was]. Contract has been signed. Place is held. Joe Navas volunteered his service and knowledge with the industry. Yvonne can help get people on board. Budget is: $8,000. Last year $4.4k was spent out of pocket, after considering revenue from ticket sales to athletes. About 130 showed up. Looking at $15-25 subsidy per athlete (there was a $15 subsidy last year). Tom stated that we need to figure out how to select the people for these awards. Have so many people nominated, they find out the winner at the event. Steve Vaitones presented the program from NJ banquet and suggests that the committee contacts them.


Website (possible move to WordPress) – Committee to have a presentation ready for next meeting.


Online voting – allowed in the national rules? Get in touch with the national office to verify. There are three options for elections: online, in person (one person one vote) – most common way to go, and weighted amongst coaches & other groups. Suggested that we find other organizations of a similar size that currently use an online voting system.


Membership committee – what can we do to increase the membership? Figure out why we want to increase size, what’s the plan in place for what happens when we do get the increased numbers. Problem with open meets for kids outside of MA. John has a Masters recruiting DVD.


Board expenses – To be done with Treasurer and VP’s


Expense report – executive committee (officers)


Sports chairs budget – money available, newly appointed chairs should find the budgets on Google docs. Joe asked how budgets are used, it was explained that money was spent on things like: Ironrunner jackets, awards, money to send people to nationals, etc.


Improving the annual meeting – Stephen to put together a Google doc so people can submit ideas


Steve Vaitones spoke about how elected officials (ie the board) represent the face of organization. Ideas were discussed for official releases and social media use (see formal social media policy line, below).


As far as contacting members, question was raised about availability of a mass list. Things are sent through the national office. Delivra is our system, need to be careful how to use it.


Formal social media policy – Victoria Barnaby to lead this up, perhaps form a committee and investigate adding something to the by-laws.


Board members need to get disclosure and background checks in.


Moved to adjourn, seconded. Adjourned at 9:26 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Narcisi