USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

November 12, 2012



Stephen Peckiconis

Will Feldman

Lisa Doucett

Justin Kuo

Mike Travers

Jim Burgoyne

Joe Navas

Tom Derderian

Jim Garcia

Steve Viegas

Jason Cakouros

Eric Narcisi

Jason Ayr

Steve Vaitones

Yvonne Green


On the phone:

Leigh Petranoff tried calling in but couldn’t get through. Justin tested the system on our end and it was functioning.


Meeting called to order at 7:11


Tom speaks about his Winner’s Circle club visit, and the need to get more young people into the organization.


Assets increasing year to year, Tom poses the question: how can we use the funds to help the members?


Secretary’s Report (minutes)

Minutes were made available online, Stephen Peckiconis suggested edits which were accepted and used to update the report ahead of the meeting. Minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s report

Net Income YTD of $36k compared to $39k last yr. Slight dip, but should still end up a bit ahead overall.  Last year’s projections are holding up. Current balance: over $450k, higher than the 2011 number. The presentation (format) of the report itself was discussed.




Road racing (Lisa Doucett)

Lisa presented the slates. Slate sheets passed around. Three different slates, plus another choice of marathons head-to-head, and even a 10 miler option within slate two. Trying to avoid conflicts with National Association races. Six clubs were present at the slate selection meeting. BAA, Mystic Runners, Whirlaway Racing Team, Gate City Striders (need the other two). Voting concludes before Thanksgiving, need to get the slates up for vote ASAP. The 30k was the only ‘optional distance’ on the slate. Flex options within the slates were discussed, possible need to tweak that aspect of it to make it easier for National to set it up on the website for voting.


Cross Country (Jason Cakouros)

Preliminary budget already submitted to the President. The New England Championships (in Westfield) were discussed (advertising, post-race gathering at Whip City, race management).


Manager’s Report (Steve Vaitones)

Steve Vaitones had not yet sent out, will soon. Tewksbury meet was discussed, with Jim Burgoyne noting that it’s a grassroots opportunity  for the association. Suggested it s/b a joint venture between youth and XC next year.


Conversation shifted back towards cross country as Tom suggested that XC chair could be in place through the end of the following calendar year. EX: Jason Cakouros would be in place through end of 2013. Needs further discussion.


Track & Field (Yvonne Green)

Yvonne sent out a proposal, there’s a draft budget available. She just got some updated numbers from Harvard so her budget could get adjusted. She wants to focus on: committee rewards system; brand marketing – get new members and also what we can do for our existing members;  ‘sport innovation’ – a pool of money available for proposals, to provide seed money.


Masters T&F (Mike Travers)

It’s the third year in a row they’re hosting the East Region meet (in Providence). Projecting 200 entries. Typically a lot of last minute entries. Might include an open race and a scholastic throwing event. Budget is SALY.


Mountain/Ultra/Trail (Paul Kirsch)

Kirsch is traveling; Tom says Paul will send in a report.


RaceWalking (Justin Kuo)

Championships at Bentley on Columbus Day weekend.  Had a US Junior record. Two masters records fell (10k, 15k). Coming up: indoor season – MIT (December)




Other items

Banquet: Much of the discussion centered on what type of awards to hand out and the overall format of it (awards banquet or a less structured social event).


Treasurer to put together investment proposal, may need some sort of by-law change.


Board expense report by next meeting.


Funding of SEP-IRA – board to vote. Check written to Fidelity for Steve Vaitone’s SEP-IRA. Motion to put $5,000 into the account by end of year, proposed, seconded, passed.


Moved to adjourn at 10:16. Seconded, passed.