USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

January 7, 2013



Jason Cakouros

Stephen Peckiconis

Yvonne Green

Will Feldman

Eric Narcisi

Steve Viega

Tom Derderian

John Oleski

Mike Travers

Jim Burgoyne

Steve Vaitones

Justin Kuo – arriving late – 8:31


On the phone:

Joe Navas

Paul Kirsch

Leigh – not confirmed

Victoria Barnaby – on the line?

Lisa Doucett – on the line – as of 8:14ish


Secretary’s Report (minutes)

No secretary’s report, only summary of online vote for indoor budget.

Along those lines, parliamentary/Robert’s Rules procedures were brought up. There’s concern that not enough time is being given to discuss after the motion had been made.


Treasurer’s report

No Mayor’s Cup this year, which explains the drop in profit for the most part. Drop in clubs due to more clubs getting a multi-year renewal in 2011. Motioned, seconded, passed unanimously.


Balanced investment policy – Proposed that we invest approximately 25% of the Association’s liquid assets to grow principal over the long term with only moderate risk. Two investment suggestions were presented, and it was suggested that a review for rebalancing be performed twice a year. It was motioned, seconded. All in person voted Yes (except for Steve Vaitones (Justin Kuo wasn’t present yet). Navas and Kirsch voted yes on the phone. Final vote: 12-0



Paul Kirsch went over the the report he emailed to the board on 1/7/13. The mountain circuit for 2013 was presented in that report.


Cross Country

Jason Cakouros emailed his report to the board on 1/7/13. The 2012 season was summarized and a slate of 5 races was outlined for the 2013 series. Big goal is to bring a national championships to the association for 2016. Considering a joint venture with the Maine association. Priority is to firm up the course.


Track & Field

Yvonne Green motioned for $1,000 post meet social budget  – seconded, unanimously approved in person. Navas yes, Paul yes, Lisa yes. Budget approved, but still waiting on the venue. Final vote: 14-0


Master’s Track & Field

Mike Travers brought up the East Region Championships (to be held on 1/27). Target of 175. Open 1k, 3k, 5k.


Long Distance Running

Lisa Doucett emailed her report on 1/7. Navas reached out to Master’s GPS champs to see if they’ll be going to the banquet. Getting mostly positive feedback.


Director’s Report

Steve Vaitones emailed his report to the board on 1/7/13. Final membership and sanctions number for 2012 were presented along with 2013 numbers (received through the end of 12/12). Working on bid to host 2013 USA Masters 10K Road Championship at James Joyce Ramble.

Race Walking

The chair mentioned a clinic being put on in NH. A new generation of RW’s getting involved.


Membership committee

The President mentions the need to meet as a committee and establish a plan for bringing in new members.


Moved to adjourn at 9:10. Seconded, approved.