USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

May 6, 2013


Mike Travers

Justin Kuo

Tom Derderian

Jim Garcia

Eric Narcisi

Lisa Doucett

Victoria Barnaby

Stephen Peckiconis

Jim Burgoyne

Steve Viegas

John Oleski

Steve Vaitones

Yvonne Green


On the Phone:

Paul Kirsch

Jason Cakouros

Joe Navas

Jason Ayr

Leigh Petranoff


Call to order at 7:17 pm, Secretary states there is a quorum.


Tom congratulated those involved with the James Joyce Ramble, including Martin Hanley and board members Garcia, Navas, and Vaitones. Tom highlighted the separate start for the Masters. Stephen noted that there wasn’t much of a change in attendance numbers from the prior year.


Tom wants to dissolve the membership committee due to ineffectiveness and instead push the responsibility out to the discipline chairs. He would like a metric in place to see which discipline is doing a better job of recruiting new members.


Response to the Marathon Tragedy

Our organization has no precedent for something like this.


The President presented a list of idea for the board to consider, including:

The One Fund

Martin Family Fund

Host marathons to help people qualify for the Boston marathon

Matching donation by the organization

Rail trail in remembrance

Memorial pedestrian footbridge over the Mass Pike


John Oleski made a point of order to reorder business, wanted to vote on new business first, specifically donations. This was motioned, seconded, and then the president called for a vote. The vote itself was almost unanimous vote, with Mr. Garcia abstaining.


Secretary’s Report

Mr. Viegas filled in for Mr. Narcisi last month. Minutes were posted the next day for review by the rest of the board. Link was resent just before the meeting. No corrections/issues brought up. Motion to accept, approved, seconded. Vote: unanimous acceptance.


Treasurer’s Report

Link sent out for investments, so people know they can check it at any time. Financials showed no surprises. More specifically, membership is up, revenue from sanctions is down, but could be due to timing. It’s still early in the year to be able to figure out a pattern. The treasurer is projecting a $20k surplus. New investment is up about $5k so far.

Motion to accept, approved, seconded. Vote: unanimous acceptance.


New Business


Mr. Oleski presented a proposal to donate $5000 to One Fund Boston.

USA Track & Field - New England's elected representatives, on behalf of its members, authorizes a donation of $5,000 to One Fund Boston, the victim assistance fund established by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Mayor of the City of Boston in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

There was a brief discussion on the proposal.

Motion made to vote, seconded.

For: Ayr, Barnaby, Burgoyne, Cakouros, Derderian, Doucett, Green, Kirsch, Kuo, Narcisi, Navas, Oleski, Petranoff, Travers, Vaitones, Viegas

Against: Garcia, Peckiconis.

Abstentions: None

Motion passed by a vote of 16-2.


Ms. Barnaby proposed a donation of $5000 to the Richard Family Fund.

USA Track & Field - New England's elected representatives, on behalf of its members, authorizes a donation of $5,000 to The Richard Family Fund - the fund established by St Mark's Area Main Street and the Center for Civic Media for the Richard Family whose son was killed, mother and daughter critically injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

There was a much more in depth discussion about this proposal before the motion to vote, was made and seconded.


Motion made to vote, seconded.

For: Barnaby, Burgoyne, Cakouros, Kirsch, Kuo, Narcisi, Navas, Oleski, Travers, Viegas

Against: Doucett, Garcia, Green, Peckiconis, Petranoff

Abstentions: Derderian

Motion passed by a vote of 10-5.


With both passing, there will be $5000 apiece going to One Fund and the Richard Family Fund.


Mr. Derderian presented an artist’s rendition of a pedestrian footbridge. The footbridge would replace the aging one that crosses the Mass Pike over by the Regina Pizzeria on Cambridge Street in Allston. It would not be built with Association funds. He asked that the board endorse the project so that it can be presented to outside parties in an effort to get it built.


Mr. Oleski proposed a motion to return to the original order of business now, seconded. Motion passed.


Track & Field

Yvonne Green went over what is coming up for the outdoor season. She would like to make use of the Delivra system in an effort to reach members. She wants to create posters to put up at meets. Indoor champions will be contacted to get them their comp codes for the outdoor meets. Outdoor meet also doubles as masters championships.


Cross Country

Jim Garcia took us through the budget, Jason Cakouros led us through the schedule (5 races, including a return to Franklin Park for the Mayor’s Cup and New England’s).

Motion to vote on the proposed budget presented, seconded.

Vote: Unanimous in support of the budget, motion passed.


Communications Manager

Possible new contract position presented by Victoria.

Description: The USATF-NE Communications Coordinator will be the central conduit for promoting and communicating USATF-NE news and information. The manager will both develop and manage the various USATF-NE communication channels. This includes but is not limited to; overseeing and writing website content and blog posts, creating and pushing social media posts, creating online albums, preparing association emails, developing print ad and media banners, and supporting the Office Manager when and if appropriate as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Motion to form a committee. Barnaby, Kirsch, and Peckiconis volunteered. Narcisi offered to help, if needed.


Long Distance Running

Joe Hagan resigned, need to find a replacement. Lisa will be taking a ‘field trip’ to NH to check out the Hollis course. Mr. Garcia proposed setting up a group email and/or meeting to be better prepared for the fall meetings (GP slate selection, etc.).


Race Walking

Justin Kuo: no walking news worth reporting right now.



Justin Kuo presented web conversion idea: Convert site to Kentico. Discussion followed, weighing Kentico versus other options, such as a Wordpress site. Moving forward with testing a Kentico conversion now.


Logo Use

Steve Vaitones explained to the board that we have a responsibility to protect the USATF logo, and that we should probably suggest that people misusing the BAA logo stop doing it.

Move to adjourn at 9:35. Seconded, approved.