USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

August 5, 2013


Tom Derderian

Lisa Doucett

Mike Travers

Eric Narcisi

Steve Vaitones

Steve Viegas

Jim Garcia

John Oleski

Justin Kuo

Yvonne Green


On the Phone:

Paul Kirsch

Victoria Barnaby

Jason Cakouros

Jason Ayr

Joe Navas


Call to order at 7:18 pm, Secretary states there is a quorum.

Tom spoke about the US Mountain Championships at Cranmore and expressed appreciation for the event and the way the mountain series has grown.


Secretary’s Report

Justin moved to finalize meeting minutes from the July meeting, seconded, passed. Minutes approved.

On the topic of posting prior minutes to the website. Justin said that we can start doing it. Secretary will need to start sending final minutes.


Treasurer’s Report

Stephen shared the document with the board electronically, and in his place Tom went over some of the highlights. The big item of note is that we are approaching a half million dollars in assets.


Justin spoke about the USA vs Canada Junior Race Walk Match. It took place on a roughly 1km traffic-free course in East Boston. There were maybe 100-125 spectators out there, supporting 30-40 competitors. The date was changed by two weeks which resulted in some people not being able to make it. The race was in close proximity to hotel, but the hotel was not cheap. The national race walking chair was there. Event bounces back and forth between US and Canada, hoping to get it back here for 2015.

Track & Field

Yvonne went over the action items from the last meeting, including:

Opt-in link to be placed on the website. Still waiting for it to be placed on the site. Form has been created, will be resent.

Outdoor performance list last updated on 6/29.

Yvonne requested clarification about the request for membership numbers.

Joanna Murphy, Alex Engle, Lisa Wilson submitted prize claim forms.

Yvonne is working on an outgoing report to help in transition. Tom asked if she had anyone in mind.

Cross Country

Jason Cakorous reported that there were 235 USATF-NE scorers last year. This doesn’t include the non-members who scored. The series will kick off on 8/24 with the Chamberas 6k, followed up by WMDP 8k in Westfield. Advertising in NE Runner and Level Renner, currently working on an ad for Level Renner with Paul Kirsch. The Level advertising will also include some blogs. He’s reached out to some of the bigger clubs and has received enthusiastic responses. There is a timing issue for Chamberas. Chamberas still doesn’t have a timer in place. Need to work to find one.


There is an issue with the date for Codfish Bowl. There are mostly verbal agreements in place for Franklin Park permits, except for Codfish Bowl. Most college teams probably won’t be able to compete if it’s held on September 21st, park might not be able to accommodate a race on September 28th.

Long Distance Running

Lisa spoke about the timing issues that cropped up after Carver. It was pointed out that in the results some runners up front appeared to be behind other runners that they beat (as seen in photo and video evidence).

Courtney Bird will keep track of the Iron Runners and help get the jackets for everyone

Women’s 60+ teams: There have been requests to start scoring them at road grand prix events.


Grant request - $250 to get to junior Olympic nationals. SMAC covering some of it. Grant committee to discuss further.


Motion to increase grant budgets to $5,000 ceiling to dispense for the 2013 calendar year (same as fiscal year).  Passed unanimously – all in person said yes, and on the phone there were yes votes from Jason Cakouros, Jason Ayr and Paul Kirsch.


Annual Meeting

Mike Travers motioned to hold the annual meeting on 9/22 at 4 pm (back up date of 9/29)

In person: All in favor; on phone: Ayr, Navas, Kirsch voted in favor. Motion passed.

Lisa Doucett to help find a location.

New Business…

Amendment – use of electronic communications for meetings and voting.

That the following language be added to Article 10 of the By-Laws of USATF New England, Inc.


The Board of Governors, Sports, Administrative and Special Committees are authorized to meet by telephone conference or through other electronic communications media so long as the members may simultaneously hear each other and participate during the meeting. The Board of Governors may promulgate such additional rules, consistent with these By-Laws and Roberts Rules of Order, as may be necessary or desirable for the efficient conduct of said meetings.

Proposed for voting on at annual meeting.

Motion to notify members that they can vote on bylaw change, as distributed by Mr. Viegas.

Motion, seconded; all in person in favor; on the phone were all in favor (Kirsch, Ayr, Navas, Cakouros). Motion passed.


John Oleski suggested that we establish a New England Track & Field HoF. Also include ME and CT so it’s an actual New England representation, not just the current association. Perhaps have a committee to come up with nominations, etc. Physical location has been a hang up in the past but we only really need an online presence.

Motion to establish an exploratory committee to create a NE T&F HoF.

Seconded, voting – all in person (travers left) said yes, unanimous on the phone (Kirsch, Ayr, Navas, Cakouros). Motion passed.


Jim Garcia proposed an amendment to national bylaws to involve online voting. Garcia to enter the form into the record, to submit to the Secretary for safe keeping.


Mike Travers talked about the need to fill the open board positions, to get some continuity.


Equipment grant  - wasn’t submitted for this year.


Member benefits. Ideas presented by Eric to better determine what we offer our members for their membership, and also several suggestions to help increase that value. There was a request for other members to think about this so that it could be discussed more at the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn at 9:28. Seconded, passed. Meeting adjourned.