USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Bertucci’s Waltham near Exit 27, Rte 128

September 9, 2013


Tom Derderian

Lisa Doucett

Eric Narcisi

Steve Vaitones

Steve Viegas

Jim Garcia

Justin Kuo

Victoria Barnaby

Jason Ayr

Stephen Peckiconis

These are notes from an informal meeting held at Bertucci’s in Waltham on Monday, September 9, 2013. We did not have enough board members in attendance to have a quorum. Call in attendance wasn’t really an option since we were out in public and noise could be a problem.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from the August meeting were made available online for review by the rest of the board. No members brought up anything that should be changed, no questions were asked. Vote will have to wait until next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Currently have a $37,000 surplus, which is only $5,000 behind last year’s total even including our $10,000 donation. We still have cross country (specifically the Mayor’s Cup) ahead of us and that is typically a good money maker. Sanctions and membership are ahead of last year. We currently have over $490,000 in assets. Vote will have to wait until next meeting.

Managing Director’s Report

Steve is currently getting the Mayor’s Cup race ready for online entry and preparing for the annual meeting.

Cross country - Due to scheduling conflict with the Codfish Bowl, a lot of schools opted to go elsewhere to race.

Road racing - Nahant race course still needs to be certified. There is a problem with construction in the starting area of the course that is prohibiting them from doing it. Need to reach out to race director to make sure that it gets done in time.

Grant committee - proposals

HFC wanted $100 per member (x 26 members) to fly out to cross country nationals. Grant Committee recommends $1,500 (to be paid afterwards). Will need to see a report and photos. No objections from board members present for this, but official vote will come later.

SISU wants $4,000 x 2 members for the same trip. This request is tabled for now.