USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

November 4, 2013


Tom Derderian

Jim Garcia

Lisa Doucett

Mike Travers

Stephen Peckiconis

Brennan Bonner

John Oleski

Justin Kuo

Steve Viegas

Eric Ashe

Amanda Wright

Larissa Park

Alison Wade

Victoria Barnaby

On the phone:

Jason Ayr

Jason Cakouros

Alex Ivanov

Laurie Boemker

Meeting called to order at 7:18. Tom opened the meeting by talking about the need to reach out to untapped talented runners. Customer base is there for the taking. Need to be more organized to get it, to be able to turn money into programs. How do we go about making ourselves bigger, better, more attractive? Need budget from sports chairs by next meeting (attract sponsors rather than simply collect entry fees, for example).

Secretary’s Report

Motion to accept minutes as posted on Google Drive from the Oct 7th meeting. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Peckiconis reported that there were lots of pending items at the end of month, and Friday the 9th was given as an expected date of completion. Background checks need to be addressed as we approach the end of the year.

Managing Director’s Report

Mr. Vaitones reported that he’s busy with cross country meets, the Mass middle school meet at Ponkapoag park in particular. There was traffic congestion and only marginal signage.

The youth chair expressed some interest in getting involved.

As far as the Mayor’s Cup goes, we own the event and the BAA sponsors it. They provide awards ($5,700 team and individual prize money). The association gets the entry fees. We pay costs, such as rangers and EMTs. We are expected to pay for Franklin Park projects, up to 50%. This was not done last year and is typically a few hundred or even a thousand. Know now that we can put money towards specific projects, though there are no projects planned at this time.

Loss of runners compared to 2011: open 5k down 200 (from 450 to 250).

Tablet Proposal

Mr. Travers brought up the need to access real time info on membership numbers. Mike proposed that the association buy tablet with a data plan. This would benefit members by eliminating confusion. Motion to purchase tablet with data plan, seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Long Distance Running

Manchester Marathon was a success, they want to rebid. Regarding the 2014 bids, on 11/13 the presentation of bids will be at Brandeis.

Cross Country

Mr. Cakouros was impressed with the middle school meet. Jason gave a Grand Prix update (New Englands will be next week). There was a discussion of a post event party, with the Dogwood Café and Doyle’s mentioned as possibilities. The Mayor's Cup incident was discussed, as was the need to put out a statement.

Athlete Reps

Mrs. Wright, as athlete rep, spoke about the course error at the Mayor’s Cup cross country races (in the men’s championship 8k). “There was some dissatisfied with race management, specifically the lack of notification regarding the error and the fact that the results stand as is. The mistake is an embarrassing one that should have been prevented and has led to lots of internet chatter. Rule 110 and 251 address these concerns, but still there is a need to develop guidelines. Need to post some official press release regarding the thought process that went into our decision. Can’t brush it under the rug (or even appear to).”

Track & Field

Mrs. Wade stated that there is a need to put together committee.

Annual Meeting

Proposed that the president appoint delegates to the slots that were available. No final determination was made. We are allowed 16, we currently have 14 going. Is it worth our hustle to fill the empty spots.

CPR/AED Certification

Mr. Viegas shared a story regarding a heart attack he witnessed at a race. Suggested that we need to all have AED training.

Annual Banquet

Mr. Garcia spoke about the upcoming banquet, which will be held on Jan 11th at the Montvale Plaza, same as last year. Andy Schachat is currently set to be the MC. We will need to get someone to speak.

Motion to adjourn at 9:03 pm, seconded. Passed.