USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

March 3, 2014


Tom Derderian

Jim Garcia

Eric Narcisi

Larissa Park

Lisa Doucett

Stephen Peckiconis

Brennan Bonner

John Oleski

Steve Vaitones

Justin Kuo

Steve Viegas



Laurie Boemker

Jason Cakouros

Paul Kirsch

Mike Travers

Alison Wade


Opening remarks from President Derderian included welcoming back Mr. Oleski after his absence due to heart surgery.

Mr. Derderian’s next remarks were about what happened at the Indoor National Championships. Specifically, the way Salazar’s protest and Grunewald’s disqualification was handled, especially because the way it was handled made people question the integrity of the sport. How then do we sell those people on our organization after this?

Focus for us is on growing the organization, but we only have one employee. If we’re going to grow, we need more people. Big goal was and still is 10,000 members.


Secretary’s Report

Motion to waive public reading. Seconded, passed unanimously

Motion to accept minutes as is. Seconded, passed unanimously


Treasurer’s Report

Membership and sanctions are all ahead of last year. Close to $125,000 in mutual funds. There’s a lot in cash, no risk, but potential opportunity cost is real. May propose another $100,000 investment in equities.

Motion: 45% of current assets to be invested. Passed unanimously, with Steve Viegas being the only one to abstain.


Managing Director’s Report

Mr. Vaitones sent out a report ahead of time. Highlights: 3325 members / 110 clubs / 168 sanctions as of the end of February.

Completed first draft of outdoor schedule. Worked on Jr Olympic schedule. Put in request for Regis College as site of outdoor championship. Discussed aspects of USA Masters Weight throw championship with host club. Met with Martin Hanley setting up national website and setting up online entry for 2014 USA Masters 10K at James Joyce Ramble.



Mr. Kirsch wants to set aside money for a trail ultra championship. If he can find one that is already established and wants to participate, then he’s on board. If not, he’ll wait until 2015.

Budget vote:

Motion to amend, add $3,000 for marketing, seconded. Vote: All voted yes except for Mr. Kuo and Mr. Garcia, who voted ‘no’. Mr. Narcisi abstained.

Motion to vote on budget plus $3,000, seconded. Vote: All voted yes, except for the following who chose to abstain: Mr Viegas, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Kuo and Mr. Narcisi.



Mrs. Doucett handed out a report, which had been sent out in advance. The Jones 10 Miler was the start of the series for the year. The New Bedford Half Marathon is coming up next. Big news coming up is that Sarah Prescott will be running her 100th consecutive Grand Prix race.

Jean Cann was recently hired, her resume was passed around. Initially thought to be a contractor, but Jean may actually be an employee. Need to follow up with an accountant.


New Business

GBTC member Xaviour Walker joined immediately after coming over from New Zealand. Barry McGee is coaching him, he’s an New Zealand Olympic medalist. He’s one of the original Lydiard athletes. Xaviour and his wife have arranged for Barry to come over before the Boston Marathon. Barry will give a talk, first intended for coaches.


Super Series

Mr. Narcisi proposed series consisting of championship races from across the spectrum of distance running events. The idea is to promote each discipline within our sport and try to create and settle the argument of who the best all around runner in New England is. Since the series would be piggy-backing on existing events, it should involves very little extra work beyond additional scoring. It will be done on an individual basis only. Idea was well received by the board, so Mr. Narcisi will contact chairs and other interested parties to develop further.


Website update

A call including Ms. Barnaby and Misters Narcisi, Peckiconis, Kuo, and Vaitones took place to discuss fundamentals of a new site, specifically looking at the basic view and functionality. Group was to communicate at a later date with ideas regarding layout.


Motion to adjourn at 9:01 pm, seconded, motion accepted.


Monday April 7th will be the next meeting.