USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

McGuinn Hall, Boston College

April 7, 2014


Tom Derderian

Cathy Utzschneider (guest)

Stephen Peckiconis

Justin Kuo

Mike Travers (left before ATR budget vote)

Steve Viegas

Lisa Doucett

Steve Vaitones

Jim Garcia

Eric Ashe

Jason Cakouros

Eric Narcisi

Alex Ivanov (arrived after Sec Rep vote)

John Oleski  (arrived after Sec Rep vote)



Paul Kirsch

Brennan Bonner

Alison Wade

Laurie Boemker (on phone as of managing director discussion)


Secretary’s report

Motion to accept March minutes as is. Motion seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s report

Investment: moving additional $100,000 to Vanguard equity funds. If that number drops, may move only $95K to equities and leave $5K in Vanguard Money market fund.


New Business

Office Lease

Mr. Vaitones informed the board that he renewed the Association’s office lease for another two years at the same rate.


Managing director review

At this point Mr Vaitones was asked to leave so that the board could discuss a review of the managing director’s position.

Motion to give Mr. Vaitones a raise

A proposed 3% cost of living adjustment per year retroactively for for past three years (’11-‘13) plus a 5% merit increase retroactive to Jan 1st 2014. Considering his current salary of $49,088, the retroactive adjustments would be as follows:

2011: $1,472.64 retroactive adjustment (new base salary of $50,560.64)

2012: $1,516.82 retroactive adjustment (new base salary of $52,077.46)

2013: $1,562.32 retroactive adjustment (new base salary of $53,639.78)

2014: New base salary of $56,321.77

Motion seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


All Terrain Runner budget proposal:

Motion to accept budget of $11,000 (for marketing, advertising, awards, cash prizes, misc.).

Motion seconded. Motion passed 11-1, with Mr. Garcia voting against and Misters Kuo and Narcisi abstaining.

Next meeting to be held on Monday, May 5th.