USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Offices

Brighton, MA

June 2, 2014

Present:        Tom Derderian, Jim Garcia, Mike Travers, Lisa Doucett, Stephen Peckiconis, Brennan Bonner, Justin Kuo, Alex Ivanov, Steve Vaitones and Steve Viegas

Cellphone:        Jason Cakouros, Jason Ayr, Laurie Boemker, Victoria Barnaby, Alison Wade and Amanda Wright

The meeting was called to order at 7:16 PM

Secretary’s Report:  Eric Narcisi was absent.  Steve Viegas was appointed secretary pro tem.  Last month's minutes were tabled until the July meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:   Stephen passed out his report.  He noted an increase in sanctions.  He estimates that they will project to $70,000 this year.  The board discussed on the effect of renewal of race sanctions on the association’s fixed income.

Stephen estimated that the association will clear $20,000 to $25,000 from the National Masters Indoor Championships..  The association has crossed the half-million mark and now has $538,304.82 in assets.

Managing Director Report:  Steve circulated his report to the board ahead of the meeting.

He reminded the board that the Junior Olympic association meet will be June 14, 2014.  We will also be hosting the Junior Olympic regional meet from July11-13. 2014.  Both meets will be at the Fitchburg State University track.

Tom brought up the matter of the recent office lease renewal.  Tom wants board to be notified of lease renewal in future.  Steve had renewed the lease earlier.  Tom referred to the association bylaws which are as follows:  “Article 10.  Board of Governors.  B. The Board of Governors may maintain an office from which the association conducts business, and hire full or part time employees as it deems necessary. All such employees must keep the Board informed of any conflicts of interest which may arise in the course of their employment.”   [Emphasis added]

LDR:  Lisa passed out the LDR report.  The board discussed portable signs which could be used for USATF-NE branding at grand prix races.  The board discussed the High Street Mile.  Steve asked if he would be helping.  He was asked to help.

Cross-Country:  Jason reported that the schedule has been set.  He plans to blog it.  An ad for the series has been placed in New England Runner.  

Jason reported regarding the 2016 Club Nationals that he is securing the facilities/grounds at Bryant University.  He is working with Stephanie Reilly.  He has a month to pull the bid together and send it to national.

Youth:  Alex reported on his preparatory work for the JO meets. He feels the need to hire an event manager to coordinate things.  Steve Vaitones suggested that we treat it as the track meet it is and keep to basics.  Laurie suggested that Alex start a Twitter account for updates.  Twitter is an effective way to communicate schedule changes or weather concerns.  She recommended that Alex appoint an Officials coordinator.

Track and Field:  Alison is a placeholder as chair.  She would like to be replaced.  The association meet is in 4 weeks on June 28, 2014.  There will be a bonus system for the top male and female athlete and another bonus for overall performance of $100.

Race Walk:   Justin reported that there will be a one hour championship at the new Gloucester track on August 10, 2014.

Growing the Association:  Tom led discussion of how we can leverage our assets on behalf of our members.  He suggested that we hire a promoter for our events.  He said that Steve would continue to run the association operations.   This new person would promote our events.  Laurie stated that we should survey our membership and toward that end hire a marketing consultant.  After some discussion the board agreed that a committee of Tom Derderian, Mike Travers and Steve Viegas would research marketing consultants and report back to the board.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Stephen G. Viegas, Secretary pro tem