USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

August 4, 2014


Stephen Peckiconis

Lisa Doucett

Larissa Park

Justin Kuo

Mike Travers

John Oleski

Jim Garcia

Steve Vaitones

Steve Viegas

Tom Derderian

Eric Ashe

Eric Narcisi


On the Phone:


President’s Opening Remarks - Annual Meeting.

Who do we have running for office, who might we have, how do we structure going forward? According to Tom, by-laws are unclear as to how many members the board needs to have. Wants to explore ways to make it more efficient, which could mean having less board members.


Secretary’s Report

Vote to accept Secretary’s report from July as is - unanimous.


Treasurer’s report

Big entry fees from the Junior Olympic meets. Stephen is 90% sure we’ll come out ahead on those. A good membership check came in from the youth enrollment from those two meets. Membership is approx. up to 5150. Vote on report tabled until the next meeting.


Masters T&F

Masters Throws nationals were held at Holy Cross over the weekend. Record number of entries (97 in total). Hosted by Twilight Throwers, who broke even on the meet without touching the $1,500 in seed money that the association floated their way. Approximately 10 national records were set.


Manager’s report

Steve spoke about Region I JO meet. It was a 4 day meet. Over 1200 entrants.


Attention turned to the elections that will take place at the upcoming annual meeting. Here is a rough breakdown as was determined during the meeting:

Running for reelection:

Tom Derderian - President

John Oleski - VP

Jim Garcia - VP

Stephen Peckiconis - Treasurer

Justin Kuo - race walk chair

Mike Travers - masters T&F chair

Eric Ashe - athlete rep



Eric Narcisi - Secretary

Lisa Doucett - masters LDR chair

Jason Cakorous - XC chair

Amanda Wright - athlete rep

Allison Wade - T&F chair

Alex Ivanov - youth

Paul Kirsch - MUT


Not running:

Victoria Barnaby - VP

Larissa Park - women’s LDR chair

Brennan Bonner - men’s LDR chair

Jason Ayr - athlete rep

This breakdown is by no means binding and people may decided to run or not run (or run for different positions) at a later date.


Next meeting to be held on 9/8.


Motion to adjourn, seconded, passed.