USA Track & Field - New England Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Association Office

September 8, 2014


Lisa Doucett

Eric Narcisi

Jim Garcia

Tom Derderian

John Oleski

Mike Travers

Steve Viegas

Justin Kuo

Steve Vaitones



Alex Ivanov

Amanda Wright


Last monthly meeting before the annual meeting. No formal agenda for this one and not much in the way of business to discuss beyond future events like the aforementioned annual meeting the upcoming national conference. For the annual meeting, there are still questions about possibilities for a screen and podium (need to discuss with hotel) and also a matter of food (last year $2,461 was spent on food & room).


Secretary’s Report:

Minutes from the April, June and August (2014) meetings all needed to be approved.

Motion to accept April minutes as is. Motion seconded and approved.

Motion to accept June minutes as is. Motion seconded and approved.

Motion to accept August minutes as is. Motion seconded and approved.

All outstanding minutes are approved.


President adding for the record: Lease renewal is a board decision. It’s a large commitment that binds the board to a financial obligation for a couple of years. It is something the board needs to be in the loop on.


Mr. Vaitones brought up something related to the first XC Grand Prix event (GBTC XC Festival). Some members of Sisu brought up a complaint about team scoring directly to Facebook from the meet on Sunday. Scoring problem was raised at the meet, but then it was pointed out again later that night when results still hadn’t been updated to reflect the correction.


Annual Awards Banquet

Tentative date of January 17th, 2015 is set for now.


Annual meeting

Mr. Ivanov announced that there is now a youth committee. There are a couple of projects on the table and they should report to the board in a week.


National Conference:

A couple of reasons to send delegates to conference were presented:

Vote for nationals

Age group athletes

Hall of Fame


Noted that delegates should register for conference by October 15th, which would provide time to find alternates in case people can’t make it.


Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:53 pm. Motion was seconded, passed. Meeting Adjourned.