Board of Governors Meeting
Monday, February 1, 1999

Venue: Boston Athletic Association Office, 131 Clarendon Street, Boston.

Board Members Present: Dan Hart, President; Marja Bakker, Vice President; Kathy Nary, Vice President; Jim O'Brien, Treasurer; Betsy Harshbarger, Secretary; Justin Kuo, Race Walking; John Fenn, Cross Country; Ken Robichaud, Men's LDR; Tom Petranoff and Joanna Veltri, Athlete Representatives.

Staff Present: Steve Vaitones, Managing Director.

Opening Remarks: Dan Hart opened the meeting with the following items:

Office Report: Steve reported that the Association is over 1,000 members this year, and the office continues to receive membership through New England Runner and the Newsletter mailings. *Sturdy Hospital will provide bus transportation from south of Boston to all Grand Prix events. *Iron Runner jackets are done ($24.00 each) and have been mailed to 1998 recipients. *Noted our web page improvements and additions due in large part to the efforts of Joanna Veltri.

Secretary's Report: Betsy Harshbarger asked for comments or corrections on the January minutes; no changes recorded. The minutes were approved. Steve e-mailed the minutes to all Board members with e-mail addresses; only Marja did not receive her e-mail, due to incorrect address.

Web Page Update: Joanna Veltri reported on the new version of the usatf web page for which she received a lot of positive feedback. She will continue to incorporate new suggestions and update as necessary. Justin Kuo reported that CoolRunning wants to continue hosting the web page and enabling us to update without waiting for permission, and this is more timely for both Justin and Joanne. AB updates and new information should be sent directly to Steve at the office and he will forward them to Joanne and Justin.

Treasurer's Report: Jim O'Brien reported that he is working with Steve to streamline the monthly budget format and is also in the process of creating an annual report for presentation at the annual meeting. He noted that a public notice will be placed in the newspaper regarding the availability of our final annual statement. Jim also suggested that we move some of our savings into an account with higher earnings. He will explore options.

Additional Update from Dan Hart:

Cross Country: John Fenn reported that he and Dan Hart attended a meeting with Parks and Recreation regarding rehabilitation of the Franklin Park course, which has suffered heavy deterioration. Allocation of available money is apparently the issue, but there is an opportunity to elicit AmeriCorps as free labor, which may in turn put a bit of pressure on the City to respond.

Kathy Nary reported that she attended the weekend meet at Boston University which went well but had less participants than in previous years. She suggested that we look into having Association clothing for Board members to wear when working at events, and in addition, to sell a limited selection of merchandise at said events.

Men's LDR: Ken Robichaud submitted a written report which he distributed and is on file at the office. He noted that the first Grand Prix race is scheduled for February 28 (10 Miler in Amherst) and he is working closely with the race director to improve the event. The second event is the half marathon in Melrose on March 14.

Race Walking: Justin Kuo noted that on February 22, the Presidents Race Walk (3.8 miles) will take place in Brockton and a weekly Sunday 5K event will begin in March at Danehy Field in Cambridge.

Vice President, Marja Bakker, presented a proposal to TRACS regarding the Association's involvement at the National Masters Indoor Championship Meet in March. She asked for the Board's approval, which was unanimous.

Tom Petranoff informed the Board of his work and involvement in producing clinics for throwers and on teaching coaches how to teach kids. He is currently working with a wide range of potential sponsors and will keep the Board up to date on his progress.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Betsy Harsbarger

Next Meeting: Monday, March 1st, 7:00 PM, at the Boston Athletic Association.

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