Board of Governors Meeting
August 8, 1999

A meeting of the Governors convened at 7:15 p.m. on August 18, 1999, at the BAA Offices, 131 Clarendon Street, Boston.

In attendance were: Marja Bakker, Courtney Bird, Phil Byrne, Ed Daniels, Dan Hart, Rich Hart, Justin Kuo, Jim O’Brien, Kathy Nary, Ken Robichaud and Steve Vaitones.

Absent were: Betsy Harshbarger, Tom Petranoff, Mimi Corcoran, Ron Boemker, Rob O’Hara, Dave Dunham,

Dan Hart opened the meeting reflecting on the positive items that happened this year, i.e., web site begun by Joanna Veltri and Justin Kuo, newsletter production by M. Bakker, events conducted, i.e., MIT mini meets and CanAm meets, cooperation with Masters Indoor Championships, new computers placed in the USATFNE office (Justin Kuo), new furniture (Dan Hart). Dan expressed regret that Roger Pierce and J. Veltri were able to stay on the board for only a short time on the board; he also regrets missed opportunities promotion and marketing wise. One objective for further improvement is communications, e.g., within the board, within the running community (individuals, clubs). Dan thanks all board members for their time and contributions, and encourages all members to remain actively involved, whether as a board members or not.

Steve Vaitones, Managing Director, reported on his experience as team manager for the US team at the PanAm Games. Several New England competitors participated, Joanne Dow (5th racewalk), Brian Baker (4th in 5K), Jonathan Reilly (5th in 1500 m), Tom Petranoff (bronze medal in javelin).

Steve noted strong performances at the two Can Am meets in Boston in July. Ron Boemker spent a week at the Junior Olympic Nationals in Nebraska (over 6000 youth participants). The 2000 JO’s are scheduled for Buffalo, NY, which is probably the closest ever to Boston. In addition to the PanAm Games, Tom Petranoff participated at WAVA meet in Gateshead, Great Britain where he won a gold medal. He had forwarded information regarding his plans to continue development programs in throws to Steve Vaitones.

The Eastern Masters Meet currently has 190 entries. The Association has the opportunity to host the US/Germany decathlon in 2000, with all meet operations covered through USATF (last two weeks in August). Arthur Lydiard is currently touring the United States and there is the opportunity for him to come to Boston in October 1999. Cost for the appearance would be $500, which would be well worth it to present Mr. Lydiard to the USATFNE membership. Steve remarked on the many programs the New England Association has in place, for which we are envied by other part of the country.

Jim O’Brien distributed a financial statement and Balance Sheet as of 7/31/99. All events organized by the association had shown a profit. M. Bakker again requested that the Association has its financial books audited. The organization has a fiduciary responsibility to do such.

Minutes of the Meeting of July 12 had been previously distributed, and, after correcting the date to July l2th , were unanimously accepted as submitted.

Ed Daniels provided an update on the Eastern Masters Regional Meet. Ed and Marja had visited the site and reviewed a variety of meet details. Official and volunteer needs were discussed. USATFNE would consider organizing the meet in 2000 based on the 1999 results, with the meet most likely scheduled for mid-July. Ed and Phil Byrne noted the positive remarks received at the WAVA meet on the National Indoor Championships held in Boston.

The cross country fall schedule was discussed. Parks & Recreation is planning changes, to include restrictions on banner placement, and absence of a trailer at the field. Franklin Park is scheduled to be closed during Ryder Cup week. New plans probably will not affect Sunday morning meets, Mayor’s Cup and New England Championships. Depending on how things develop, other sites may be considered for 2000. A discussion on how to proceed ensued, however, apart from putting in telephone calls, no action was taken.

The Annual Meeting was discussed. Currently there is a vacancy is for one athlete’s representative, Phil Byrne and Ed Daniels would consider running for co-chairs of Masters Track & Field (Phil is scheduled to be out of town for several months shortly after the Annual Meeting). It was suggested that a hand-out be prepared on year-in-review and bio’s for persons running for election, information to be forwarded to Marja.

Membership and membership promotion were discussed. Courtney Bird suggested considering multiple-year membership. Convention delegates would be elected at the Annual Meeting, with a maximum of 13 delegates allowed. Reimbursement from USATF-NE would be up to $500 per person upon submission of appropriate reports and receipts.

Ken Robichaud reported on the standings of the Grand Prix and distributed a list of all current Iron Runners. Courtney reported on planning for the Cape Cod Marathon. Dunkin’ Donuts had signed on as a sponsor. Currently 235 entries had been received for the marathon, vs. 85 approx. same time in 1998. Courtney expressed concern that the race may reach the maximum of 1,000 entrants, however would continue to accept athletes who have a current USATF-New England cards.

A discussion ensued regarding sponsorship for a variety of programs for the association and the different possibilities of presenting proposals to sponsors. No action was taken.

M. Bakker informed the meeting that she had been contacted by Bob Sevene who had requested support for a brainstorming session regarding the Twilight and CanAm meets. Rich Hart, as Track & Field chairman would call a meeting. Marja also asked the board to consider planning ahead for a 2-year span and suggested this may be an item for discussion at annual meeting.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Marja Bakker
Secretary pro tem

USA Track & Field - New England
P.O. Box 1905
Brookline, MA 02446-0016
United States

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