Executive Board Meeting
Monday, October 4, 1999

Venue: Boston Athletic Assn., 131 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA 02116.

Attendees: Steve Vaitones, Managing Director; President, Dan Hart; Vice Presidents, Kathy Nary, Courtney Bird; Treasurer, James O’Brien; Secretary, Betsy Harshbarger; Men’s LDR, Ken Robichaud; Women’s LDR Co-Chairs, Jill Gaitenby & Betsy Harshbarger Secretary Molly Tabor; Track & Field, Rich Hart; Masters T&F Co-Chairs, Ed Daniels & Phil Byrnes; Masters LDR, Rob O’Hara; RaceWalking, Justin Kuo; Athlete Reps., Tom Petranof & Anne Jennings.

Opening Remarks: President, Dan Hart, opened the meeting with a brief synopsis of the current situation regarding drop in individual memberships, witi the commitment to focus on resolving this issue in 2000.

Office Report: Steve Vaitones summarized the monthly happenings in the Office, which included program development input, Grand Prix scoring results, collaborative efforts with New England Runner, web site maintenance, processin sanctioning certificates for events, and dispersing general information. He reported the new web site for the Board:

As regards the membership issue, Steve reported that the “plan” originally proposed by the National Office will never be ready for 2000, and therefore, to continue from November to 2000 as same. The National Office has promised a Benefits Flyer for January distribution to members, along with a plastic membership card. More to come from National if wanted by the Associations.

Youth Report: Ron Boemker was unable to attend due to ifiness. Steve reported that the Junior Olympic application/informational brochure wifi be ready next week.

Mountain Running Report: Dave Dunham is injured and unable to attend bul had previously emailed his report on the World Championships to Board members.

Treasurer’s Report: James O’Brien distributed a balance sheet as of 9/30/99 together with a “profit and loss comparison” for 1999/98. Steve reminded the Board of the value of our savings, as the initial source of these monies, membership fees from Boston Marathon applicants pre 1996, is not available an more. Jim recommended an audit report for 1999 and the Board approved. A description of the Finance and Budget Committee, including a list of members, needs to be added to the revised By Laws. As Treasurer, James will Chair the Committee.

Race Walking Report: Justin Kuo reported that the One and Two Hour Championships had 71 participants, the majority from New England. Photos and report are on the internet.

Masters Track & Field Report: Ed Daniels is currently working on a schedule of events for the Masters National Indoor Meet. Due to the addition of the pentathlon event on Friday, the schedule will require some adjusting. Ed will refer to the National Committee for final approval. He reported that Marja has the entry form ready for print.

Athletes Rep. Report #1: Tom Petranof informed the Board that the National Office will be paying his way to the Convention. He was recently in Japan promoting his turbo javelin, and his development program will be posted on the Internet in the near future. Tom has weekly training sessions in Cranston, RI and at Yale University.

Steve noted that he has been asked to work with Massachusetts Sports Partnership on a bid to host the National Convention in 2004.

Masters LDR: Rob O’Hara commented on Rojack’s 5 Mile Grand Prix Race, noting the very tight, and potentially dangerous start. He also noted the inaccuracies of the finish times, compared with track results. Courtney Bird noted that the times are averaged per chutes and spots are saved for matching up missed finishers. He also noted that Granite State is one of the better timing companies, and that this method of recording times is pretty much across the board. Rob is concerned about losing championship status due to such problems.

A brief discussion followed regarding how to get better races to apply for Grand Prix status and then to get them approved by the runners. It was agreed that we need to come up with an appropriate script to point out existing problems while, at the same time, acknowledging that it is a democratic process and ultimately the attendees of the Grand Prix meeting will make the final choices. The LDR Chairs will draw up criteria for the November 8th meeting.

WLDR Report: Jifi Gaitenby and Molly Taber reported that they expect approximately 170 Ironrunners following the Cape Cod Marathon. After six events there are 121. They will verify with the clubs so as not to miss anyone. Courtney added that there were 53 registered for the Marathon, and the presentation of their jackets is scheduled for 1:45 PM. His overall numbers are very high, and if he finds it necessary to close entries, he will accept USATF card carrying members only.

Athlete Rep. Report #2: Anne Jennings noted her concern regarding the New England Championship Meets and offered to work on improvements. Rich Hart noted that he has similar concerns and is circulating a proposal and schedule for the Indoor Meet.

Track & Field Report: Rich Hart discussed the above mentioned proposal, plus both the indoor and outdoor schedules. He noted the April Clinic Programs are already on the agenda and will take place at the Northeastern facility in Dedham. It was agreed to table the discussion regarding cost, in order to address it with some sense of creativity.

Track & Field SubCommittee (Jen Toomey, Anne Jennings, Tom Petranof, and Justin Kuo) will work to focus on sponsorships and national support.

Dan announced that Marja would welcome articles, information, committee reports and schedules for the next issues of the newsletter.

Reminder: Grand Prix Meeting, Monday, November 8th © 7:00 PM Regis College, 1st floor Student Union.

Meeting adjourned at 9:11 PM.

Respectively submitted,

Betsy Harshbarger, Secretary
Betsy Harshbarger, Secretary

USA Track & Field - New England
P.O. Box 1905
Brookline, MA 02446-0016
United States

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