Executive Board Meeting
Monday, November 8, 1999

Venue: Student Union, Regis College Weston, Massachusetts

Attendees: from the sign-up sheets (78):



Additional Race Directors /Presenters:

Opening Remarks: Ken Robichard, Men´s LDR Committee Chair, welcomed the attendees and briefly described the Grand Prix process to date. President, Dan Hart, thanked the clubs and individuals for their participation this year and encouraged more clubs to get behind races and participate in the Grand Prix process. Rob O´Hara, Masters LDR Committee Chair, informed the audience that the 2000 Grand Pnx results will be scored in five-year age groups with the goal of attracting more participants, especially in the senior categories. In addition, he announced the opportunity to wear color tags/bibs for identification of age group competitors during Grand Prix events. This will be done on a volunteer basis.

Ken read off the bidding races and scheduled dates. He described the process for selecting the mandatory and non-mandatory distances and presentation procedure for each race.

Rich Schilder expressed concern about selecting races which conflict with track and field weekends during both the indoor and outdoor seasons. Steve Vaitones, Managing Director, said that to date there was no set schedule for the Twilight Meets, which will be dictated by the date of the Olympic Trials and the athlete field to be assembled. He said that the Association cannot guarantee track and field dates and that it was up to each Committee to set its own schedule. A motion was made to prohibit said conflicts and was tabled in order for Dan Hart to check the By Laws.

Dan announced that a Quorum had been established with 21 Clubs represented.

Following is a list of bidding races and selected events for the 2000 New England Grand Prix:

Mandatory Distances:
Cape Cod Marathon Falmouth, Mass. October 29 accepted
presenter, Courtney Bird, Race Director
Brewery Exchange Lowell, MA September 10 accepted
presenter, Mark Coddair, Race Director Boston Komen Race for the Cure Brighton, MA presenter, Joyce Minkoff, Race Sponsor & Organizer
Rojack´s Run Attleboro, MA October 1 accepted
presenter, Steve Hagopian, Race Director
Non-Mandatory Distances:
Half Marathon
Bedford Lions Half Marathon Bedford, NH June 25  
presented by Doug Schiller, Race Director
Law Enforcement Half Marathon Melrose, MA March 12 accepted
presenter, Tony Pallotta, Race Director
Bedford Rotary 12K Bedford, NH May 20 accepted
presenter, Brian Moyer
Library to Library Foster, RI August 27  
presenter, Richard Wolfgang-Smith, Race Director
Genesis Battlegreen Run Lexington, MA May 20  
presenter, Steve Sartori, Race Director
James Joyce Ramble Dedham, MA April 30  
presenter, Steve Vaitones, in absence of Race Director, Martin Hanley
Market Square Day Portsmouth, NH June 10 accepted
presenter, Kent LaPage and Andy Schachat

Rob O´Hara lamented the low number of races bidding this year, which resulted in not filling the third non-mandatory distance slot. He suggested that the clubs need to be more involved on the bidding side, as only one club submitted a bid this year. The Association offers assistance to all races through the LDR Chairs, and will work to help them with the bidding process, if required.

Race Timing Company Presentations:

Bob Teschek (Granite State Racing) gave a brief explanation of why results often bunch runners and give estimated times for missed finishers. He discussed the importance of accuracy and speed in obtaining race results, especially for the Grand Prix events. One factor that causes inaccuracies is passing in the chutes. This can be avoided by using the Chip, which determines the order of finish as the runner crosses the finish line. He encourages runners to buy their own personal chip to ensure accurate results and also to lower the cost of using the chip timing system. He emphasized that he times and does results to USATF, records standards, and certifies courses for USATF.

James Sarkisian (Sark Race Production) owns his own software and is often able to pre-enter elite athletes which enables quicker results. He has back up equipment on site in case of equipment failure and recommends presenting timing forms in triplicate.

Discussion followed regarding the need for one additional non-mandatory distance race in order to complete the 2000 Grand Prix series. It was recommended and motion made to allow the Race Director of a losing bid to re-submit their bid with a new course distance. The motion carried, and the following two races re-submitted their bids to be the third non-mandatory distance race in the 2000 series:

Bedford Lions 20K Bedford, NH June 25 accepted
Library to Library 15K Lexington, MA August 29  

Ken Robichaud delivered a “brief epilogue” thanking the LDR chairs for their help with the selection process and assistance throughout the year at the events. He also noted the Board members participation at many of the events and encouraged non-competing club members to also get involved and assist the race organizers whenever possible.

Rob O´Hara commented on the change in voting procedure and reminded everyone that it was due to the low number of bids received.

Peter Stasz re-submitted his motion prohibiting the Track and Field Committee from scheduling Track and Field championship events on the same weekends as LDR championship events. Dan followed up by reading Section A.1.a. Duties and Responsibilities of Sport Committees from the Bylaws:

Each Committee has jurisdiction over annual Association championships in the particular sport it controls, and shall institute, locate, conduct, and manage all such championships as deemed best by the Board of Governors and in accordance with the By-Laws of USA Track & Field.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM.

Respectively submitted,

Betsy Harshbarger, Secretary
Betsy Harshbarger, Secretary

Final Results of the 2000 Grand Prix Road Race Series:
Law Enforcement Half Marathon March 12
Brewery Exchange 5K September 10
Bedford Rotary 12K May 20
RoJack´s Run 8K October 1
Market Square Day 10K June 10
Cape Cod Marathon October 29
Bedford Lions 20K June 2nd


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