Monday, September 17, 2001, 7:00 p.m.
Brandeis University Athletic Center, South Street, Waltham MA

The Annual Meeting of the Association provides individual and club members an excellent opportunity to voice their opinion, ask questions, and help elect the Board of Governors that works on behalf of the membership throughout the year, coordinating the sports of running, track & field, cross country, racewalking, and mountain running, for all ages and abilities.

Voting at the meeting is based on the number of USATF members of a member club. Unattached athletes have three votes in total. See below for details.

Incumbents and responsibilities of the various positions that are to be elected are detailed below. Anyone interested in running for, or requesting additional information on, a USATF-NE Board position, may contact the USATF-NE President or one of the Vice-Presidents.


6:30-7:00 PM Sign in
7:00 PM
  1. Establish Quorum
  2. Opening Remarks - Marja Bakker, President
  3. Managing Director's Report - Steve Vaitones
  4. Treasurer's Report - Jim O'Brien
  5. Reports by Officers and Sports Committee Chairs
    For the efficient conduct of the meeting, written reports from all Officers, Athlete Representatives, Officials Chairman, and Sports Chairmen will be available in writing as of 6:00 p.m. the evening of the meeting.
  6. Officials Report
  7. Elections

    Secretary. A secretary will be elected for a one-year term to fill the current vacancy.

    Sports Committee Chairmen. A total of nine chairmen will be elected for:

    • Men's, Women's, and Masters' Long Distance Running
    • Track & Field, and Masters' Track & Field
    • Cross Country Running
    • Mountain Running
    • racewalking
    • Youth Athletics
    • Athlete Representatives. Two Athlete Representatives will be elected.
  8. Selection of twelve delegates to the USATF Annual Meeting
  9. By-law Changes All Associations of USA Track & Field are required to amend their bylaws to reflect the Association Election guidelines as outlined in Regulation 15B of the Operating Regulations of USA Track & Field. Regulation 15B mostly affects Article 6 of the USATF-New England by-laws. A complete outline of all proposed changes may be obtained by clicking here , or by requesting a copy from the New England office,
  10. Such other business as may be presented to the meeting.



The position will be elected for a one-year term.
Responsibilities include:

  • Record minutes of all meetings (Monthly, quarterly, annual, others as appropriate)
  • Distribute meeting notices
  • Distribute incoming correspondence as appropriate

Positions are elected for a one-year term.

Long Distance Running Men Incumbent: Ken Robichaud-
Women - Incumbent: Betsy Harshbarger
Masters - Vacant
Track & Field- Open Incumbent: Michael Nary-
Masters Incumbent Phil Byrne
Cross Country Running Incumbent: Dan Hart
Mountain Running Incumbent: Dave Dunham
Racewalking Incumbent: Justin Kuo
Youth Athletics Incumbent: Ron Boemker

Chair Responsibilities include:

  • Organize meetings pertaining to their sport
  • Arrange for the conduct of championships and attend championships
  • Help promote events and avoid scheduling conflicts within the various sports
  • Adjudicate problems and/or protests in regards to competition
  • Work to establish development programs and clinics which will increase participation and quality of the sport
  • Work with the Association office in securing sponsorship for and conducting of special, regional, and national events as appropriate
  • Work as a team with other sports chairs
ATHLETE REPRESENTATIVES Two positions are elected for a one-year term.
Incumbents: Anne Jennings and Lou Ristaino

Responsibilities include:

  • must be an active competitive athlete
  • serve as liaison between athletes, events, and Association
  • Get feedback from athletes and regarding events/management, programs, clinics, schedules, etc.
  • Attend championships and other events
  • Adjudicate problems and/or protests in regards to competition
  • Work as a team with the sports chairs
  • Assist with planning and implementation of development projects


Member Clubs are allowed voting delegates based on the number of their members holding individual USATF membership; the number of votes is determined by the higher of the number of registered members on December 31, 2000 or on June 30, 2001, as follows: clubs with 5 to 15 registered individual members or certified officials: one vote; clubs with 16-49 members - 2 votes; clubs with 50-99 members - 3 votes; clubs with 100-199 members - 4 votes; clubs with 200 and more members - 5 votes

Unattached Athletes are allotted a total of one vote for every one thousand individual unattached members. This currently totals 3 votes. Unattached members present at the meeting shall each have an equal fraction of these three votes, provided no individual shall have more than one vote.

Looking Ahead:

Monday, November 5, 2001, 7PM, Site TBA

Bids will be sent to prospective races this month, and are due back to the office no later than November 1. If you wish to receive a bid package, call (617) 566-7600.

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