Road Raing Grand Prix Series USATF-NE home page

Grand Prix Competition Guidelines

  1. The Grand Prix consists of seven USATF-NE Championships. The distances shall be 5km, 8km/5m, 10km, the marathon, two distances selected from 12km, 15km, 10m, 20km, a half marathon, 25km and 30km and one additional "wild card" race of no longer than 30km.
    (Since 2009) A presentation meeting will be held for all events interested in being part of the series in the following year. After presentations, a selection committee will compile up to 4 slates of races. Members will vote on-line during a seven day period for their desired slate. The slate receiving the most votes (majority or plurality) will be the series for the coming year.

  2. Team Competition
    1. Competition is held in the following categories:
      Open division - men and women
      Age 40-and-over division - men and women
      Age 50-and-over division - men and women
      Age 60-and-over division - men and women
    2. Points are awarded to all scoring teams in all divisions, men and women. The first place team in each division will receive points equal to the number of scoring teams in that division, with a minimum of five points. The following team will receive one point less, and so on down to one point.
    3. Team scoring is by total time of the required number of runners in a division, low total time wins.
      Runners may score in any age division they are eligible for. Older runners may score in any younger division as well as their own age division. Thus, open teams may include runners in their 40's, 50's, 60's and older; A 40+ team may include any runner over age 40, a 50+ team may include any runner over age 50.
    4. Only current USATF-NE member clubs are eligible to score for a team in Grand Prix competition. Clubs may score only one team per division for Grand Prix scoring. All scorers for a club team must have current individual USATF membership
    5. The number of runners required to score for a team at various distances are as follows
      MEN - Age Division 10 km and shorter over 10 km through 25 km 30 km and longer
      Open 5 5 3
      Masters 40+ 5 5 3
      50+ 5 5 3
      60+ 3 3 3
      WOMEN - Age Division 10 km and shorter over 10 km through 25 km 30 km and longer
      Open 5 3 3
      Masters 40+ 3 3 3
      50+ 3 3 3
      60+ 3 3 3
    6. At the end of the series, prize money will be awarded to those clubs with the highest number of accumulated points. The total amount will be determined annually by the USATF-NE Board of Govenors. Men's and women's teams will receive equal amounts for the same places in each division.
      Open top 8 teams
      Masters 40-and-over top 6 teams
      50-and-over top 4 teams
      60-and-over top team (1)

  3. Individual Competition
    Individual competition will be scored in the 39-and-under, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 for both men and women, and 70 and over for men only.
    1. Points are awarded to the top ten USATF-NE finishers in each division. The winner will receive ten points, and the next finishers are awarded nine, eight, seven, six, etc., points, respectively, down to one point. If fewer than ten members participate in a division, the division winner receives points equal to the number of finishers in that division.
    2. Only current USATF-NE members are eligible for Grand Prix individual scoring.
    3. At the end of the series, awards will be presented to those athletes with the highest point total in each division.