Final - after 7 Events
  1. ** February 22, Five College Realtors 10 Miler, Amherst MA
  2. ** March 15, New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford MA
  3. ** May 24, Vermont City Marathon, Burlington VT
  4. ** June 11, Hollis Fast 5K, Hollis NH
  5. ** August 9, Bobby Doyle 5 Miler, Narragansett RI
  6. ** September 6, Seasons 20K, Acton MA
  7. ** September 20, Lone Gull 10K, Gloucester MA

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Patrick      Ard            Whirlaway Racing Team
Michael      Auger          North Medford Club
Chris        Basha          Greater Lowell RR
Amy          Bernard        Whirlaway Racing Team
Arthur       Besse          Central Mass Striders
Mike         Bessette       Green Mountain AA
Louise       Campbell       Gate City Striders
Robert       Chisholm       Gate City Striders
Patricia     Clark          Central Mass Striders
Emmet        Clifford       Gate City Striders
Lindsay      Close          Whirlaway Racing Team
Murray       Collette       Gate City Striders
Maria        Conley         Greater Norwood Running Club
Michael      Cooney         Whirlaway Racing Team
Christin     Doneski        Whirlaway Racing Team
Nancy        Dorn           Greater Lowell RR
Stephen      Drouin         North Medford Club
Kris         Francis        SISU Project
Sarah        Francisco      Green Mountain AA
Candice      Gagnon         Greater Lowell RR
William      Gonsorcik      Central Mass Striders
Ken          Goodin         Greater Lowell RR
Thomas       Grenier        Unattached
John         Griego         Central Mass Striders
Christopher  Hamel          Whirlaway Racing Team
Kacey        Hill           SISU Project
E J          Hrynowski      Greater Lowell RR
John         Kleschinsky    SISU Project
Robert       Knight         Gate City Striders
David        Lapierre       Central Mass Striders
Maureen      Larkin         Greater Norwood Running Club
Christopher  Lawrence       BAA
Scott        Leslie         Central Mass Striders
Wayne        Levy           BAA
Christopher  Magill         BAA
Matthew      Manney         Shamrock Running Club
Amanda       McCann         Gate City Striders
Michael      McGrane        BAA
Binney       Mitchell       Green Mountain AA
Kyung        Nam            Greater Lowell RR
Brandyn      Naro           Gate City Striders
Joe          Noonan         New England 65 Plus
Steve        O'Neil         Gr Springfield Harriers
Jose         Ortiz          Whirlaway Racing Team
Nadine       Palmer         Whirlaway Racing Team
James        Pawlicki       Central Mass Striders
Matt         Pelletier      Unattached
Pensri       Pilotte        Somerville Road Runners
Dennis       Price          Greater Lowell RR
David        Reavill        Greater Norwood Running Club
Lea          Reilly         Gate City Striders
Robert       Riordan        Cambridge Sports Union
Annie        Ryan           Central Mass Striders
Philip       Savoy, Jr.     Central Mass Striders
Louis        Saviano        Millennium Running
Maria        Servin         Whirlaway Racing Team
Joe          Shairs         Central Mass Striders
Jacqueline   Shakar         Cambridge Sports Union
Carole       Singelais      Gate City Striders
Rick         Stetson        New England 65 Plus
Thomas       Stracqualursi  Colonial Road Runners
Daniel       Verrington     Central Mass Striders
Delwyn       Williamson     Cambridge Sports Union
Michael      Wright         Gate City Striders
Lisa         Zappala        Whirlaway Racing Team

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