1893 New England AAU Championships
South Armory, Boston MA
March 11, 1893


Results found from online March 13, 1893 Harvard Crimson article, no writer attributed.
Results below are as found.

The indoor championship games of the N. E. A. A. U. were held Saturday night under the auspices
of the Athletic Association of the M. I. T. and the First Regiment, in the South Armory.
Although no records were broken, very good time was made in several events:
especially in the mile run which was won in 4m. 42 4 5 sec.
The Harvard team made a good showing although hardly as good as had been expected.
However, out of the 64 points in the eight open events, Harvard won 26 to their opponents' 38.

The first event, the 75 yards dash was very closely contested.
Through some mistake only 70 yards was run in the trials, a fact which accounts for the time made.
The heat winners were as follows:
First heat, S. A. Coombs, B. A. A. first; W. S. Garcelon, H. A. A., second: time, 7 2.5 s.
Second heat. L. Sayre, H. A. A., first; A. B. P. Straight, B. U. A. A., second; time, 71 2s.
Third heat. E. H. Weeks, B. U. A. A., first; E. S. Benedict, H. A. A., second; time, 7 1-2 s.
Fourth heat, E. B. Bloss, H. A. A. first; W. F. Baker, H A. A., second; time, 71-2 s.
Heat for second men, W. S. Garcelon. H. A. A., first; W. F. Baker, H. A. A. second; time. 7 3-5 s.
Final. S. A. Coombs. B. A. A, first; E. B. Bloss, H. A. A., second L. Sayle, H. A. A., third; time.

The mile run was the prettiest race of the evening and was won by D. W. Fenton, H. A. A.;
second, W. A. Allison, W. A. C.; third, J. E. Morgan, Y. A. A.; time, 4m. 42 4.5 sec

Considering the fact that Fearing has been training for the crew all winter, his jump of 6ft. 1-2-in.
was somewhat of a surprise. He tried for 6. ft. 2 1-2 in. but failed.
Heywood, B. A. A. and Stingel, Mel. A.C. were tied for second at 5 ft. 9 1-2
Heywood won the toss up.

Harvard had no entries in the mile walk which was won by W. F. Marston. G. A. C. in 7m. 10sec.
with G. E. Wright, Y. A. C., second.

In the 70 yards hurdle the winners were
first heat, O. W. Shead, H. A. A., first, F. W. Lord, B. A. A second time, 10-5s.
second heat, W. G. Read, B. U. A. A., first, H. H. Cushing B. U. A. A second; time, 10 3-5s.
third heat, K. Brown, H. A. A., first;
Heat for second men-Dead heat between J. Crane Jr. and F. W. lord; time, 94 5s
(Run off, F, W. Lord, B. A. A., First )
Final, O. W. Shead, H. A. A., first; F W. Lord B. A. A. second; K. Brown, H. A. A., third; time, 9 3.5s

1000 yards run-
H L Dadmun W A C, first; J. Corbin, H. A. A., second; E. L. White, S. A. C., third; time, 2m. 24 2.5s

Six hundred yards run- S. A. Coombs B. A. A., first; S. M. Merrill H. A. A., second;
T. W. Kane, S. A. C., third; time. 1m. 19s.

Pole vault- W. W. Hoyt, R. L. S. 10 ft. 3 in first T. E. Sherwin, H, A. A, 10 ft., second
H. M Wheelwright, H. A. A. 6in., third.

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