1909 New England Association A.A.U. Championships
June 12, 1909
Technology Field, Brookline MA


Fron Spaulding's Official Athletic Almanac for 1910

100 yds. run - 10 2-5s, G.P.Gardner Jr, Harvard A.A., won; Wester Watson B.A.A. second; G.E.Riley, St.A.A.A. third.
220 yds. run - 22 4-5s., Lester Watson, B.A.A. won; Joseph Elcock, S.B.A.C. second, C.D.Daltoon, third.
120 yds. high hurdles - 16 3-5s., R.B.Leavitt, B.A.A., won; Arthur L.Besse, Harvard A.A. scond; Frank J. Harris, Providence A.C., third.
220 yds. low hurdles - 24 3-5s., G.P.Gardner Jr., Harvard A.A. won; F.J.Harris, second; R.G.Leavitt, third.
440 yds. run - 52 3-5s., E.K.Merrihew, B.A.A., won; H.W.Kelly, Brookline G.A., second; F.P.Sheehan, S.B.A.C., third.
880 yds. run - 1m. 59 1-5s, Oscar F. Hedlund, Brookline Gym.A.A., won; Frank P. Sheehan, second; E.Flynn, Worcester, third.
1-mile run - 4m. 27 3-5s., Jos. E. Ballard, B.A.A., won; Wm. McVicar, S.B.A.C., second; H.P. Laawless, B.A.A., third.
5-mile run - 27m. 42 4-5s., Michael T. Norris, Brookline G.A.A., won; Roy Welton, Lawrence Y.M.C.A., second.
Putting 16-lb shot - 42ft. 7 3-4in., C.C. Little, Brookline G.A.A., won; A.E.Bartlett, Worcester Academy, second; James J.Comerford, B.G.A.A., third.
Running high jump - 6ft., tie for first place between Roy E. Crane, unattached, and Herbert A. Gidney (Crane took medal on jump off); S.C. Lawrence, B.A.A., and A.E. Bartlett tied for third place at 5ft 10 1-2in. (Lawrence won on jump off).
Running broad jump - 22ft. 10in., Edw.Farrell, S.B.A.C., won; C.C. Little, B.G.A.A., second; T.M. Gregory, H.A.A. third.
Throwing 16-lb hammer - 147ft 5 1-2in., B.F. Sherman, unattached, won; M. Rush, B.G.A.A., second; C.K. Pevear, Boston A.A., third.
Throwing 56-lb weight - 30ft. 3 1-4in., Wm.Lynch, S.B.A.C., won; Edw. L. Hopkins, S.B.A.C., second; C.K. Pevear, B.A.A., third.
Pole vault - 11ft 6in., E.L. Parker, B.G.A.A. won; S.C. Lawrence, B.A.A., second; V. Kennard and J.A. King, H.A.A., tied for third. (King won medal on jump off).

New England Association A.A.U. Championships
1909 All Around Championship.
Ellery H. Clark, Boston A.A., won; Victor Kinnard, Harvard A.A., second; William Lynch, Fort Warren, third.

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