1917 New England AAU Championships
South Armory, Boston MA
March 3, 1917


Results found in Spalding Annual, Results below are as found.

Held at the Ninth Regiment Armory, Boston, Mass., March 3, 1917.

60 YDS. RUN (senior)  6 4-5s., E.T. Foley, Holy Cross, won;
J.M. Williams, unattached, second; M.P. White, Brown Univ., third.

1000 YDS. RUN (senior)  2m. 19 4-5s., H.F. Mahoney, Boston A.A., won;
A.W. Gorton, Dartmouth Coll., second; J.H. Harrigan, unattached, third.

300 YDS. RUN (junior)  36s., J. Knowles, Harvard Univ., won;
J. Brown, Wakefield H.S., second; W.E. Smith, Boston A.A., third.

600 YDS. RUN (senior)  21 2-5s., T.F. Burke, Holy Cross, won;
T.H. Mahoney, Holy Cross, second; F.T. Donohue, Harvard, third.

2-MILE RUN (senior)  9m. 40 4-5s., J.W. Ryan, Boston A.A., won;
J.Henigan, Dorchester Club, second; A.F. Merchant, Boston A.A., third.

300 YDS. RUN (senior)  35s., A.R. Doyle, Holy Cross, won;
E.T. Foley, Holy Cross, second; J. Mcllwraith, Boston A. A., third.

1-MILE RUN (junior)  4m. 39s., J.J. Losero, I. A. A. A., won;
W. Burke, Wakefield H.S., second; D.J. Duggan, Harvard Univ., third.

RUNNING HIGH JUMP (senior) 6ft. 3-5in., W. Whalen, Boston A.A., won;
W.T. Hobbs, Dartmouth Coll., second; A.R. Frey, Harvard Univ., third.

RUNNING HIGH JUMP (junior) 5ft. 10 3-5in., W.T. Hobbs, Dartmouth Coll.,
won; A.R. Frey, Harvard Univ., second; A. North, I. A. A.A. , third.

60 YDS.HIGH HURDLES- 7 4-5S., T.L. Preble, Boston A.A., won;
W.T. Hobbs, Dartmouth Coll., second; W.H. Meanix, Harvard Univ., third.

PUTTING 16-LB. SHOT  43ft. 9in., J.C. Lawlor, Boston A.A., won;
Robert Lucy, I.A.A.A., second; C.A. Clark, Harvard Univ., third.

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