1919 New England A.A.U. Championships
August 23, 1919
Technology Field


1919 New England A.A.U Outdoor Track and Field Championships
August 23, 1919, Tech Field
100 yds: 10s. (equals Association record)
1.W.D.Hayes, Boston A.A.; 2.E.O.Gourdin, West End House; 3.R.H.Mullane, Boston A.A.
220 Yds: 21 4-5s (equals Assocation record)
1.W.D.Hayes, Boston A.A.; 2.ARthur B.Reed, West End House; 3.R.H.Mullane, Boston A.A.
440 Yds: 50 1-5s
1.J.W.Driscoll, Boston A.A.; 2.Irving T.Howe, West End House; 3.Garvin Bawden, M.I.T.
880 Yds: 2m..
J.A.Caffrey, Boston A.A.; 2.C.J.O'Leary, Boston A.A.; 3.Edward Starr, St.Alphonsus Assoc.
1-Mile Run: 4m 21 1-5s
1.James J.Connolly, Boston A.A.; 2.E.F.Hannon, Boston A.A.; 3.James Starr, St.Alphonsus Assoc.
3-Mile Run - 15m.29s.
1.Harold E.Weeks, Boston A.A.; 2.Clifton Horne, Dorchester Club; 3.Joseph Doherty, Dorchester Club.
120 Yds. High Hurdles - 15 4-5s (new Association record)
1.Earl J.Thomson, Boston A.A.; 2.H.H.Hile, Boston A.A.; 3.A.S.Ronerts, Boston A.A.

Running High Jump - 1.Harry Barwise, Boston A.A., 6ft 2in (new Association record);
2.Walter Whalen, Boston A.A. 6ft 1in; 3.Joseph Erbal, unattached and Earl J.Thomson, Boston A.A., 5 ft 10 1-4in tied for third
(Thompson won toss for prize)
Running Broad Jump - 1.Charles Arbeene, West End House, 21ft 9 1-2in; 2.Earl J.Thomson, Boston A.A., 21ft 1 1-2in;
3.E.O.Gourdin, West End House, 20ft, 10in
Pole Vault - 1.Marc S.Wright, Boston A.A., 12ft 4 3-4in (new Association record);
2.John O.Brotherhood, Boston A.A. 10ft 6in; 3.James E.Durkin, Boston A.A., 10ft
Putting 16-lb Shot- 1.John C.Lawlor, Boston A.A., 42ft 5in; 2.John A.Shelburne, West End House, 41ft 6in;
3.William F.Wilikes, Providence Y.M.C.A., 40ft 9in.
Throwing the Javelin - 1.Oscar Djer, Hurja AC, Quincy, 148ft 3in, (new Association record);
2.Waino Tirri, KaRhu Club, Quincy, 142ft. 10in; 3.L.Bjorklund, Posse Gym, 142ft 4in.

Points scored: Boston A.A. 72 1-2; West End House 19; Hurja A.C., Quincy, 5; Dorchester Club 4;
KaRhu Club 3; St.Alphonsus Association 1; Posse Gym 1; Providence Y.M.C.A. 1; Unattached 1-2.
Source: Spalding's Official Athletics Almanac, 1920

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