New England Association AAU Track & Field Championship
Harvard Stadium, Cambridge MA (Boston)
June 18, 1921


Results from 1922 Spalding's Official Athletic Almanac


Held at Harvard Stadium, Cambridge, Mass., June 18, 1921
Event. Winner. Second. Time or Dist.

100 yds. run - E.0. Gourdin, Harvard. A.B. DeWitt, Comnty A.A., 10 1-5s.

220 yds. run - A.B. DeWitt, Community A.A. L. Simmons, Community A.A., 22 4-5s.

440 yds. run - J.W. Driscoll, Boston A.A.  J.T. King, Boston A.A., 49 3-5s.

880 yds. run - H.C. Cutbill, Boston A.A.  J.A. Caffrey, Boston A.A., lm. 57 4-5s.

1 mile run - J.J. Connolly, Boston A.A.  R.E. Brown, Boston A.A., 4m. 21 3-5s.

5 mile run - F.Faller, Dorchester Club.  J. Henigan, Dorchester Club, 25m. 53 l-5s

3 mile walk - A.S. Roberts, Boston A.A.  E.G. Wilson, Boston A.A., 25m. 41s

120 yds. hurdles - J.J. Sullivan, Boston A.A.  R. Merrick, Boston A. A., 16s.

22O yds. hurdles - J.J. Sullivan, Boston A.A.  W.H. Meanix, Boston A.A., 25 1-5s.

440 yds. hurdles - J.J. Sullivan, Boston A.A.  E.P. Brean, Boston A.A 56 4-5s.

Run. high jump - J.P. Stack, Boston A.A.  C. Flahive, Boston A.A., 6ft. 1-2 in.

Run. broad jump - E.O. Gourdin. Harvard.  W.L. Nolan, Boston A.A., 23ft. 6in.

Hop, step, jump - W.L. Nolan, Boston A.A. O.H. Djerf, Hurja A.C., 40ft. 8in.

Pole vault - R.W. Harwood, Boston A.A.  J.Z. Jordan, Boston A.A., 12ft.

16-lb. Shot - T.G. Gignan, Boston A.A. J.C. Lawlor. Boston A.A., 44ft. lin.

16-lb. Hammer - C.G. Dandrow, Boston A.A.  Tootell, Boston A.A., 158ft. 6in.

56-lb. Weight - C.G. Dandrow, Boston A.A.  W. Lynch, Boston A.A., 32ft. 5in.

Discus throw - C.G. Dandrow, Boston A.A.  J.W. Kellar, Boston A.A., 125ft. 11in.

Javelin throw - E.O. Gourdin, Harvard. O. Karstunen, Hurja A.C., 165ft. 2in.

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