1923 New England A.A.U. Championships
Centennial Avenue Field, Gloucester MA
Saturday, August 25, 1923


From Gloucester Daily Times, Monday, August 25, 1923

Meet formally opened the New Park and Athletic field

Due to severe storms, javelin, discus, and pole vault were postponed to September 15 at Tech Field.
Heavy downpours during meet.

100 yds Semi-final heats
First heat won by E.F.Hormel, B.A.A.; Ben Bowsler, Lynn, second.l Time 10 4-6 seconds
Second Heat - Won by E.S.Dudley, B.A.A.; Alfred DeWitt, Community A.A., second. Time 11 1-5 seconds
Third Heat - Won by A.J.Plansky, Pere Marquette K.C.; A.West, B.A.A., second.  Time 11 seconds.

100 yds Final Heat: 10 4-5s. Ben Bowser, Lynn; 2.E.O.Gourdin, West End House; 3.R.H.Mullane, Boston A.A.
Bowser was 1910 champion

220 yards dash-Semi-finals - First Heat- Won by F.A.Kelly, B.A.A.  E.S.Dudley, B.A.A. second. Time 22 3-5 seconds
Second Heat-Won by E.F.Hormel, B.A.A.; Bran Stansfield,
 Boston S.Cl, second. Time 23 2-5 seconds

220 yards - Final Heat - Won by Won by E.S.Dudley, B.A.A.; 2.E.F.Hormel, B.A.A.; F.A.Kelly, B.A.A.
Time 23 4-5 seconds.

440 Yds: 50 s; 1.J.W."Jake" Driscoll, Boston A.A.; 2.Ray Robertson, B.A.A.; 3.H.N.Bates, B.A.A.  Won by "fully 10 yards"

880 Yds: 2m 4s, George Marsters, Boston A.A.; 2.Alfred Elson, Woburn; 3.W.F.Dooley, St.Alphonsus A.A. 10 yards

One Mile Run: 4m 31s, 1.Lloyd Hahn, Boston A.A.; 2.Robert Dalrymple, Dorchester Club; 3.Fred Brown, Dorchester Club. Won by 50 yards

Five Mile Run - 26m.51s, James Henigan, Dorchester Club; 2.Joseph Rideout, unattached; 3.A.L.Flanders, B.A.A.
20 starters; Henigan lapped entire field. Water up to ankle deep, and driving rains

Three Miles Walk: 23m 41s (new New England Association record), "Pep" Clarke, Dorchester Club; E.G.Wilson, B.A.A.; 3.A.W.Bell, Jr., B.A.A.  "driving rain and a puddled track"
(Former Record, Wilson, 1922 - "Clarke clipped over two minutes off the old record")

120 Yds. High Hurdles: 16 4-5s, F.E.Moran, Brattleboro VT; 2.H.H.Hile, B.A.A.; 3.E.P.Breau, B.A.A.
Merrick, B.A.A., disqualified

220 yards low hurdles - Semi-finals.
First Heat won by H.H.Hile, B.A.A., 28 3-5 s; 2.E.P.Breau, B.A.A.
Second heat - Won by J.P.Sullivan, B.A.A., 29 seconds; F.E.Moran, Brettleboro Vt.

220 yards low hurdles Final - 29s, J.P.Sullivan, B.A.A.; 2.F.E.Moran, Brattleboro Vt; 3.H.H.Hile, B.A.A.

Running High Jump - Gail Robinson, B.A.A., 5 feet, 11 1-2 inches; 2.Irving H.Smith, Randolph, 5 feet 9 1-4 inches; 3.Clarance Flahive, Boston A.A., 5 fee 8 1-4 inches.

Running Broad Jump - 1.E.O.Gourdin, Dorchester House, 21ft, 7in; 2.Albert Rogan, St.Alphonsus A.A., 20 feet 4 inches; 3.Ray Drugan, B.A.A., 19 feet 9 1-2 inches.

Hop, Step, Jump - 1.Tony Plansky, Dorchester Club, 44ft 11 1-4in; 2.Ray Drugan, B.A.A., 40 feet 9 1-2 inches; 3.W.J.Marling, Boston S.C., 39 feet 7 1-2 inches.

Sixteen pound Shot Put - Charles A.C. Eastman, B.A.A., distance 44 feet 11 1-2 inches; 2.John C.Lawlor, Boston A.A., 43 feet 9 1-2 inches; 3.J.Plansky, Pere Marquette K.C., 43 feet 8 1-2 inches

Sixteen Pound Hammer Throw - 1.Fred D.Tootell, B.A.A., 172 feet; (new New England A.A.U record). 2.Ernest W.Brown, Brockton, 123 feet; 3.Edward Morrison, Medford, 107 feet 1 inch.
(Former Record, Tootell, 1922 (150 feet-plus based on story)

Throwing the 56 pound Weight - Won by Fred D.Tootell, B.A.A., distance 35 feet 1 1-2 inches; (new New England A.A.U. record). 2.Edward Morrison, Medford, 27 feet 3 inches; 3.John C.Lawler, B.A.A, 24 feet 3 inches.
(Former Record 31 feet 2 inches, William Lynch, 1916)

For Girls
Sixty yards dash - Won by Lillian Duncan, Cambridge; Esther Spargo, Boston S.S. second.  Time 8 4-5 seconds. (new New England A.A.U. record, former record 9 seconds, Marcella Donovan, Ladies Soccer Club, 1922)
Edna Forsell disqualified for running out of lane.

Sixty yards hurdles - Won by Edna Forsell, South Boston; Lillian Duncan, Cambridge, second; Esther Spargo, Boston S.C., third. Time 10 2-5 seconds (equal New England A.A.U. record, equalling Frida Kuelch, Ladies Soccer Club, 1922)

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