1935 New England A.A.U. Championships
Freebody Park, Newport RI
Saturday, June 23, 1935


Typed from scan of the  Newport Mercury And Weekly News (Newspaper)
Friday, June 28, 1935, Newport, Rhode Island
(Meet date June 23?)

Rhode Island State Hammer Thrower Breaks Records
M.I.T. Entry Wins Three First Places as 4000 Watch Championship Events

The spotlight of the New England A.A.A.U. senior championship meet at Freebody Park and the Basin,
Sunday afternoon, shone rightly on Henry Dreyer, Rhode Island State's giant weight man, and Stanley
Johnson of M.I.T. the Posse Gym as nine track field records fell by the wayside.

Dreyer established the only New England A. A. U. mark of the day when he heaved the 16 pound hammer
181 feet, five and three sixteenths inches and deprived his own coach, Fred Tootell of State, of the
New England title. He also shattered the Olympic record of 170 feet 8.4 inches. He also won the 35-
pound weight event with a toss of 39 feet. This replaced the 56-pound event which was cancelled
because that weight was not available. The Ram star also placed second in the 16-pound shot put, his
best try being only one-eighth of an inch behind the winning toss of Henry Brackley of Lowell High
School and the Highland A. A. He wound up his day's activities by giving an exhibition hammer throw
before the 4,000 spectators at Freebody Park. Close to a 1,000 saw the weight events at the Basin.

Dreyer's feats with the hammer were not unexpected as he is the outstanding choice to win the event
in the national A.A.U. meet in Lincoln, Neb., and to gain a place on the United States Olympic team.
Tootell was one of the officials at the meet and saw his pupil break the teacher's record.

Johnson almost duplicated Jesse Owens feat of winning four firsts at the Intercollegiate meet in Los
Angeles Saturday by capturing three firsts.  He won the broad jump and the hop, skip and jump with
record marks and topped off his performances by out-stepping a fast field In the 200-meter hurdles.
He cleared 21 feet, 7 inches in the broad jump and 45 feet, 7 5/8" inches in the hop, skip and jump.
His time over the hurdles was 27.1 seconds.

Newport's lone entry in the meet, Artie Allan of Rogers High School who holds the state
interscholastlc 440-yard championship, took part in both the 400 and 800 meter events.  He gave a
fine showing in 400 after being boxed on the far side of the track and finished fourth, losing third
place when he eased his stride a few steps from the finish line. The first four runners finished
almost in a huddle.  Gill of Boston College placed first setting a'new track record of 51.3 seconds.

In the 800, Allan wound up in sixth place.  D. McKee of Boston College led the field with a new
track-mark of 2 minutes four-tenths seconds.
Tommy Russell, of Manhattan College and Georgiaville, flashed across line first in the 1500 meter run
In the new time of 9.5 seconds.  George Kelley of the B. A. A. made a great bid for first place, but
finished several yards behind.

Jimmy Sandler of Northeastern and the B. A. A. raised his own field record in the high jump when he
cleared 6 feet 1 3/8 inches. Four wound up in a tie for second place  at 6 feet.
Tom McDonqugh of the B. A. A. wiped out the old track mark in the 5000 meter run when he negotiated
tbe distance in 16 minutes 6 seconds. Only four finished the long plod. A.A. Zamparelle of Medford
placed second.

Norman Woolford, holder of the 100  meter title in 1933 came back with a brilliant performance to
beat his old rival and the 1934 winner, Al Hicks of the Curley Club. The winer's time was 10.9
seconds, which bettered the old mark of 11 seconds set by Hicks last year, but it was disallowed
because of a favoring wind.

Although Hicks had his heart set on winning the 100, he came through with a fine victory in the 200
meter dash, breaking the tape several strides ahead of another Negro contender, Dunbar Young of
Louis Welch of the B.A.A., New Engalnd's premier heal and toe specialist, set the pace all the way in
the 3000 meter walk and won handily. Pep Clark of the Michael O'Connell Post, American Legion, stayed
on his heals until the last few laps when he slipped far behind but finished secondTeh time was 14
minutes 11.1 seconds.

J.Hines of Rhode Island State won the pole vault when he soared 12 feet. He tried to set a new mark
of 12 feet, three inches, but each time he started his vault he encountered a strong puff of wind.
The Boston College relay team wound up the program with a strong victory over the Curely Club.  Bob
Gill, the anchor man, started 50 yards behind the last Curley runner but overtook him as they reached
the home stretch and won by several yards.

Zamparelli outstepped a fine field to win the 10,000 meter run He took the lead on the seventh run
and steadily increased his advantage over the remaining 17 laps.  The time was 34 minutes 4.7
seconds. Only three others finished. Bob Campbell, the indoor champion, dropped out after two minesl
This was a non-championship event because the officials decided it was too long with combined with
the other events.

Before the meet started, a number of officials spoke.  They were introduced by State Senator Joseph
Kirby. The speakers were Judge Mortimer A.Sullivan, Judge J.E.Connell, Alderman J.Raymond ???, and
President William P. ??? of th eNew Engaln A.A.U.
Rube Marquard, former major league pitching star, and Leslie Pawson, marathon runner, were
introduced. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Drum and Bugle Corps and the Newport Junior Bugle and Drum
Corps took part in the flag raising ceremony.

The summary:
100 Meter Dash
First heat - Won by N.Woolford, Alpha A.C.; NyGaard, Posse Gym, second; R.Mulliken, Plymouth, third.
Time- 11-1 seconds
Second Heat - Won by H.Hicks, Curley Club; J.Hines, Rhode Island State, second. Time- 11.8 (sic)
(Breaks N.E.A.A.A.U. and track records but disallowed due to favoring winds).
Won by Woolford, Alpha A.C.; Hicks, Curley, second; Nygaard, Posse, third. Time 10-9.
200 Meter Dash
Won by Al Hicks, Curley A.C.; Dunbar Young, Providence, second; W.Nygaard, Posse Gym, third. Time -
23 seconds
400 Meter Run
Won by R.Gill, Boston College; R.Mulliken, Plymouth, second; A.Kobel, Lynn "Y", third. Time - 51.3
seconds (new track record)
800 meter Run
Won by D.McKee, Boston College; George kelley, Boston A.A., second; D.A.Raymond, Boston University,
third.  Time - 2 minutes 0.4 seconds (New track record)
200 Meter Low Hurdles
First heat - Won by R.H.Tinker, Conimicut; F.H.Kickham, B.C., second. Time 29.4
Second Heat - Won by Tom McFarland, B.C;, R.C.Hayes, Harvard, second. Time - 29.2 seconds
Third Heat - Won by S.T.Johnson, Posse Gym; E.B.Wood, Roxbury, second. Time 29.8.
Semi Finals
First Heat - Won by E.B.Wood, Roxbury; Tom McFarland, B.C., second. Time 29.2
Second Heat - Won by S.T.Johnson, Posse; E.H.Kickham, B.C., secondl Time 275
Won by Johnson, Posse; Kickham, B.C.,second; Wood, Roxbury, third.  Time 27-1 seconds
110 High Hurdles
First Heat - Won by R.C.Hayes, Harvard; R.R.Tinker, Conimicut, second
Second Heat - Won by E.H.Kickham, B.C.; R.Clarke, Providence, second.
Thrid Heat - Won by R.H.Tinker, B.C.; R.Clarke, Providence, second (sic)
Won by Kickham, B.C.; Hayes, Harvard, second; Tinker, Conimicut, third. Time - 16-3
1500 Meters Run
Won by T.Russell, Georgiaville; George Kelley, B.A.A., second; Tom McDonough, B.A.A., third.
Time 4 minutes 4.9 seconds (new track record)
5000 Meter Run
Won by Tom McDonough, B.A.A; A.A.Zamparelli, Medford, second; E.Fitzpatrick, Boston "Y", third. Time
- 16 minutes, 6 seconds (New track record)
10,000 Meter Run
Won by A.A.Zamparelli, Medford; Ted Stergios, Providence, second; O.Pelkey, N.Y.M.A., third; Bob
Playfair, Harvard, fouth.  Time 34 minutes 4.7 seconds.
3,000 Meter Walk
Won by A.Welch, B.A.A; Harry L.Clark, Michael J O'Connell Post, American Legion, second;
A.H.Burroughs, B.A.A., third. Time - 14 minutes 11.1 seconds
1600 Meter Relay
Won by Boston College (T.McFarland, E.H.Kickham, D.McKee, R.Gill); Curley Club, second (Delancey,
Hurtle, Rand, McNally, DeWar); Boston A.A., third (T.McDonough, Bob Campbell, George Kelley, Mike
Portanov); Time - 3 minutes 49.4 seconds
Running Broad Jump
Won by S.T.Johnson, Posse Gym; T.E.McFarland, B.C., second; J.L.Sandler, B.A.A. third. Distance - 23
feet 1 1/2 inches (New field record)
Running Hop, Step, and Jump
Won by S.T.Johnson, Posse Gym; Al Rogan, B.A.A, second; W.E.Somerville, third. Distance - 45 feet, 7
5/8 inches (New field record)
Running High Jump
Won by J.I.Sandler, B.A.A; five tied for second: G.Plansky, B.A.A; A.J.Komfeh, B.A.A.; E.P.Carr,
N.Y.M.A.; Perkins, Syracuse Union. Height - 6 feet 1 3/8? inches (New field record)
Pole Vault
Won by J.Hines, R.I.State; B.Buocanno, Providence, second; J.Rogan, B.A.A, third. Height - 12 feet.
Javelin Throw
Won by W.Backanouskas, Boston University; A.Sager, B.A.A., second; J.Hunt, Pawtucket, third. Diatance
174 feet 8 7/8 inches.
16-Pound Shot Put
Won by H.Rucckeley, Highland A.A.; Henry Dreyer, R.I.State, second; G.Plansky, B.A.A., third.
Distance - 43 feet 3 5/8 inches.
35 Pound Weight Event
Won by Henry Dreyer, R.I.State; H.W.Peabody, R.I.State, second; F.Westfield, Boston "Y", third.
Distance - 39 feet 9 5/8 inches.
Discus Throw
Won by G.Plansky, B.A.A; H Ruckley, Highland A.A. second; W.Backanouskas, B.U., third. Distance - 108
feet 2 inches
16-Pound Hammer Throw
Won by Henry Dreyer, R.I.Stte; F.Westfield, Boston "Y", second; H.W.Peabody, R.I.State, third.
Diatance 181 feet 5 3-16 inches (New N.E.A.A.U. and field record.)

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