1975 New England AAU Championships
Northeastern University, Boston MA
January 28?, 1975


SEPARATE MEN'S and WOMEN'S MEETS were held with different sites and dates
Corrections/first names welcome

Source: NERM Issue 20

January 28?, 1975
Northeastern University, Boston MA

Teams: 1.Greater Boston TC 32; 2.Northeastern Univ. TC, 27...
50 Yd
1.Mike Kee GBSTC, 5.4; 2.Dave MacLean Peabody HS; 3.Harry Riley ULowell
45 Yd Hurdles
1.Dan Mahoney GBTC; 2.Bob McLenom, GBTC; 3.Les Ballisandro.
600 Yd
1.Bob Scales, Boston English HS, 1:14.8 (HS record); 2.John Salzman, Acton Boxborough HS; 3.Doug Stewart, GBTC.
1000 Yd
1.Jack Vercollone GBTC, 2:16.3 (Meet Record); 2.Leo Dunn, Unat/Bowdoin; 3.Bill Okerman, Harvard
1.Ham Amer, GBTC, 4:20.0; 2.Jeff Sanborn, Unat/Bowdoin, 3.Dom Finelli, Revere HS
3 Mile
1.Bob Flora, Northeastern, 14:03.0 (Meet Record); 2.Bill Rodgers, GBTC; 3.Scott Graham, GBTC
Mile Walk
1.Tom Knatt, NMC, 7:05.1 (Meet Record);
2 Mile Walk 1.Tom Knatt, NMC, 16:23; 2.John Spinney, Cardinal Spellman HS, 16:43; 3.George Lattarulo, NMC, 17:18
Mile Relay
1.Northeastern 3:34
High Jump
1.Tim Walker, RI HS 6'11 1/2" (Meet Record, previous record John Thomas, 6'11 1/4", 1964)
   2.Kerry Leppo, Boston College, 3.Dave Gossons, HS.
Pole Vault
1.Scott Hurley, URI, 16'4" (meet record); 2....
Long Jump
1.E.Mahoney, GBTC, 22'10"; 2.W.Johnson  3.Ed Haddad
Shot Put
1.Ed Rao, college, 56'4"; 2.W.Dray; 3.Roger Dupont, Northeastern
1.Boris Djerassi, Northeastern, 67'1/2"; 2.Andy Bessette, college; 3.Waithe, Bowdoin

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