2008 USATF National One Hour Racewalk

Dana Center Track at Bentley College
Waltham, MA

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New England Walkers (NEW) and USA Track & Field New England Association thank you for competing in the 2008 USATF National One Hour Racewalk. We were proud to offer this opportunity to compete in a race sanctioned by USA Track and Field and look forward to seeing you at our event on October 11, 2009.

Complete Results

Women's Overall One Hour Results
Club Hometown
An asterisk (*) before the name indicates the competitor was a non-US citizen.
1 Teresa Vaill 45 Walk USA Gainesville FL 12,162m
2 Solomiya Login 28 Southeastern PA AC Philadelphia PA 11,254m
3 * Linda Wilson 53 Bytown Walkers Ottawa CANADA 9,812m
4 Christie Bernier 16 Maine Racewalkers Auburn ME 9,745m
5 Ginger Armstrong 46 Connecticut Walkers Canterbury CT 9,215m
6 Nicole Court-Menendez 14 Maine Racewalkers Lewiston ME 8,980m
7 Abby Dunn 14 Maine Racewalkers Auburn ME 8,868m
8 Itzi Garcia 48 Cambridge Sports Union JamaicaPlainMA 8,627m
9 Pat Godfrey 62 Cambridge Sports Union Winthrop MA 8,460m
10 * Sharon Chisholm 38 Bytown Walkers Ottawa CANADA 8,345m
11 Joanne Harriman 65 New England Walkers Tewksbury MA 8,216m
-- Panseluta Geer 61 Shore AC Hazleton NJ DQ
-- Mari Ryan 53 Cambridge Sports Union Watertown MA DQ
-- Sharon Wright       DNF
-- Catherine Davis 17 Southeastern PA AC Peekskill NY SCR

Women's Team:
1. Maine Racewalkers 27,593 meters
(Bernier, Court-Menendez, Dunn)

Men's Overall One Hour Results
Club Hometown
1 Theron Kissinger 38 CT Racewalkers Waterbury CT 12,114m
2 Matthew Forgues 16 Maine Racewalkers Boothbay ME 11,180m
3 Dave Talcott 48 Shore AC Syracuse NY 11,131m
4 Leon Jasionowski 64 Pegasus RW East China MI 11,007m
5 Andrew Smith 59 Unattached Whittier NC 10,704m
6 Robert Keating 61 New England Walkers Nashua NH 10,370m
7 Richard McElvery 51 New England Walkers Mont Vernon NH 9,982m
8 Evan Vincent 16 Maine Racewalkers Manchester ME 9,947m
9 Bob Ullman 59 New England Walkers Manchester NH 9,897m
10 Larry Epstein 49 New England Walkers Stoneham MA 9,743m
11 Matthew Bolton 18 Maine Racewalkers Hollis ME 9,737m
12 Edoardo Sorrenti 65 Park Walkers NYC 9,431m
13 Bill Harriman 61 New England Walkers Tewksbury MA 9,158m
14 Thomas Knatt 68 New England Walkers Groton MA 8,908m
15 Charles Mansbach 64 New England Walkers Newton MA 8,870m
16 John Starr 80 Florida AC Newark DE 8,781m
17 Thomas Fitzgerald 67 Fleet Feet Albany NY 6,884m
-- Josef Dellagrote   New England Walkers   DQ
-- Stephen Peckiconis   Cambridge Sports Union   DQ

Men's Team:
1. New England Walkers 30,249 meters
(Keating, McElvery, Ullman)

Officials included Maryanne Daniel, Ron Daniel, Tom Eastler, Tom Knatt, Joe Light, Bill Pollinger, Steve Vaitones and Justin Kuo.

Lap Sheets

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Judging Summary Sheets

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